The Jade Regent

Jambro's Jamboree

::The click click click of tiles echoed in the den of iniquity as Jambro downed another shot of Dwarven shine. He eyed the table as a sense of hyper clarity washed over him‚ Hanseath had blessed him surely. He knew each piece his opponents held. He knew who were weak and who he would eventually face at the end. He knew that he would win this tournament..

His demeanor never showed this. In fact his opponents all thought him so drunk that he was not a threat. Little did they know that in his hazy drunkenness their downfall was set.

It flowed as he had envisioned. The elf took out the other dwarf at the table that he knew he did not want to face and then the human went out and then the other human. Now it was time for the elf to go and he would have to face the old timer human that had shown skill and discipline. The elf had served his purpose. Jambro purposely added coin to the pot with a weak hand. Knowing the haughty elf would not resist the chance to take the remaining human and Jambro out. The elf took the bait and Jambro quickly folded out of the round. Leaving the human and elf to battle it out.. The elf lost the round and it Jambro and an old human. Jambro had been studying him the whole game and could sense the old timers fear and insecurity. Jambro knew if he played patience it would pay off. Several tiles and rounds passed. With the Human doing as Jambro predicted pushing at the slight sense of superiority..

Suddenly a tingle flurried in his head as he looked upon his new tiles. They were not so strong but he remembered an old friends sharing of wisdom and that along with his tingling gut decided to call the large bet by his opponent..

The tiles flipped and his heart raced. He hit a trifecta. Least he thought he did.. Heart racing he did not want to look at his tiles twice for fear of giving a tale so simply passed as did his opponent. The next turn came and he had hit quads.. least he thought he did. still not wanting to show weakness He calmly passed and sure enough his opponent pushed in all his coin.

Jambro paused and took a drink. Then he glanced at his tiles to make sure he had what he thought he had… Sure enough he had the nuts! and calmly called the bet…. coins counted Jambro had one gold coin extra… Tiles were flipped over and Jambro showed the Nut Quads which his opponent had a pocket pair of fours giving him a full boat but lost to Jambro’s Quads.. The final tile of the board played out giving another 4 and everyone gasped at fact if Jambro had not hit that quad on the turn he would have lost on the river with the a full house 4’s over 3’s …

Surrealness washed over everyone.. The old timer human shook Jambro’s hand giving respect as did Jambro… Almost 2500 gold coin was one… Jambro being a Dwaf’s Dwarf of course bought the tavern a round…

While people scrambled to take advantage of the hospitality Jambro slipped over to the bathroom to relieve himself and to cast from a prepared scroll bugmans mug.. A secret spell of Hanseath to cure the effects of drunkeness and hangovers..

Jambro says a prayer and thanks to Hanseath for his wisdom and guidance and returns to the party to start over his night of carousing‚ paying homage to Hanseath… :::


Interesting how you put a poker game in with your holiday in the Viking city rp. Jambro is a gambling man. Nice.

Jambro's Jamboree

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