The Jade Regent

Night of Frozen Shadows, Part Three...

...or: Fortune Favors the Prepared

Ashik Fawkes – Tiefling Bard
Jambro “Battlestout” Winchester – Dwarven Wizard/Priest
Johnny “Courage” Winchester – Dwarven Avenger
Kryspin Kwikstryke – Kender Monk
Warlug – Half-Orc Ranger
Ameiko Kaijitsu/Amatatsu Ameiko – Human Aristocrat
Sandru “Whiskey” Vhiski – Human Caravan Master
Jack Burton – Human (Half-elf?) Caravan Master
Jorgan the Axe – Werebear Barbarian

This session took place over five days. The Sons began in Ravenscraeg, and after defeating Kimandatsu and the Frozen Shadows they returned to Kalsgard to conclude business in town and begin their cross-continental journey over the Crown of the World.

After their rest in the hidden dell of Ravenscraeg, the Sons continued their exploration of the fortress. They found that most the fortress had been left vacant. After casing the place out for valuables and useful items for their planned trip, they found themselves in an alchemical laboratory. Inside, they managed to disturb one of the resident arcanist’s experiments involving Hellwasps! While the hive-mind swarm tried to trick the Sons by puppeteering the corpse they were locked in with, the Sons realized that something was wrong immediately. While the fight was without peril, the Sons overcame the swarm of hellacious wasps.

Once clear of the wasp swarm, the Sons ventured deeper into Ravenscraeg. One of the party noticed a light coming from under a doorway, and they carefully investigated. They discovered a cistern, which contained a small underground stream that ran through the fortress. Quietly hidden on the roof of the cistern were a skulk of executioner’s hoods; nasty aberrations which wait to drop onto unsuspecting heads to smother their prey. With the danger mostly in their surprise factor, the creatures were dealt with easily enough.

Inside the cistern was the source of the light: A bright flame coming from down a narrow well. Looking down, they found the sword Suishen had wedged itself thirty feet down, to avoid being lost forever. The Sons had found Ameiko’s family sword!


After some practical discussion of the logistics of greasing the kender, the sword was recovered and given to Ameiko.

Proceeding further, the Sons found themselves in the Frozen Shadow’s dojo, faced with several ninjas, a pair of trolls, and Jorgan the Axe. Warlug sensed that Jorgan’s heart wasn’t in the battle, challenging Jorgan in the name of Selune to back down from the fight. While Jorgan didn’t seem willing to help the Sons, between Warlug and Jambro’s diplomacy, the werebear assassin decided to stand away from the fight. Without the mighty werebear’s assistance, and facing the multiple sources of fire the Sons had, the trolls and ninja were outmatched and defeated.


Once the battle was over, the Sons spoke with Jorgan. Though he was a killer-for-hire, he clearly had reservations about fighting alongside the Frozen Shadows any further. Despite his desire to help, however, he was still in the grip of a blood geas. Once the Sons realized Jorgan’s problem, Jambro dispelled the lethal contingency magic and Jorgan was free to work with the party in full capacity.

Jorgan was a man of the wild who ran afoul of a jarl of Kalsgard. Kimandatsu, in her guise as Thorborg Silverskorr, paid Jorgan’s weregild and accepted Jorgan’s work in exchange for his life. Though he had no reservations about the work he did for the Frozen Shadows, he did not like many of the creatures and people who worked with him, so was looking to escape the blood geas and the Frozen Shadows’ notice. He agreed to work with the Sons, offering them help and crucial advice and secrets of Ravenscraeg.

With Jorgan’s help, the Sons found their way into the second secret underground layer of the fortress, bypassed many of the magical traps and guardians, and found themselves outside Kimandatsu’s personal chambers. After preparing with their most potent spells and enchantments, the Sons entered Kimandatsu’s lair to end her influence in Kalsgard once and for all.

Inside, they found many enemies arrayed before them, ninjas and zombies mostly, along with Kimandatsu in her guise as Thorborg.


Thorborg tried her hand and tempting some of the Sons, offering Warlug a position as her new captain of the guard; telling Jambro that his sensual nature could be satisfied by working with the Shadows; trying to dissuade Johnny from taking up the cause of those who worship different gods from he. She tried a general appeal to the Sons as a whole, that Ameiko’s cause was hopeless and that they would find carrying her burdens worthless if they even made it to the other side of the world. In the end, however, the die had already been cast. When she realized that she wasn’t going to talk anyone out of fighting her, she turned invisible and her minion began to attack.

Despite the advantage of numbers, the Frozen Shadows found themselves overpowered by the spell-enhanced, concentrated attack of the Wayward Sons. Kimandatsu attempted to ambush the party, but found her leadership from the front to be a reckless and lethal mistake: In only a few seconds, the combined efforts of the Sons brought the oni down!


While her minions and high-ranking companions fought on, without the strength of their leader, the Frozen Shadows officers realized they needed to escape if they wanted to live. Once the Sons had fought their way past the foot-troops, Johnny used his divine power to teleport up to the ledge from which Goti Runecaster was firing on them. Johnny took the half-troll sorcerer and dive bombed with him to the stone floor below! Goti’s friend Wodes, the blood-feather raven who had been spying on the party since they neared Kalsgard, tried to save the sorcerer’s life, but after Johnny’s spectacular attack, Warlug quickly followed up and finished off the downed and dazed sorcerer. Wodes tried to take down a member of the Sons, but then realized he was outclassed alone. He attempted to escape by magical means, but Jambro first countered his gaseous form spell, and (in a gory fashion) countered his meld to stone spell, which ultimately killed the raven druid.

While the battle was winding down, as Kryspin, Ameiko, and Jack finished off the remaining Frozen Shadows ninja, the dangerous assassin and ninja instructor Omoyani slipped away via invisibility and a hidden passage.

With the Frozen Shadows all but completely eliminated and Ameiko’s family sword recovered, all that remained was to find Torstein, the guide that the Sons hoped would take them over the Crown of the World. After looking around further, they did find him locked up in the dungeon beneath Kimandatsu’s lair. Guarding the dungeon was an intelligent winter wolf named Skygni. The wolf was captured and had been enduring Kimandatsu’s attempts to domesticate him to be a guard dog. He was pleased to learn of her death. While the animal was evil, the party agreed to allow him to travel with them until they reached the High Ice, where he would go his own way.

In the dungeon, they found Torstein. He was beaten, starved, and exhausted, but after some healing magic and rest, he was fine. He agreed to take the Sons on their trip over the Crown of the World.


For the next few days, the Sons attended to unfinished business in town. Johnny sent Kimandatsu’s head to King Blood-Eagle as a warning not to continue to work with demons. He then managed to get a total of ten-thousand gold invested in the Bone Quarter, through a combination of his own donation, Fynn’s investment, and a generous donation from King Blood-Eagle himself! Warlug and Whiskey made sure that the caravan was set to travel. Jambro attempted to track down Noriko, but found she had fled town, left along the Golden Way. While Noriko had escaped retribution for the time being, Jambro has a feeling that their paths will again cross!

Once all side business had been concluded, the Sons began their long trek from Kalsgard up the Cold Road toward the Ice Rim Mountains and the Crown of the World.


Hey, King Blood Eagle invested. Cool!


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