The Jade Regent

The Brinewall Legacy Part One: Fires Over Brinestump

...or: Ronin-skull-puppet Theatre

This session took place over 3 day,. beginning and ending in late summer.

Ashik Fawkes – Tiefling Bard
Jambro “Battlestout” Winchester – Dwarven Wizard/Priest
Johnny “Courage” Winchester – Dwarven Avenger
Kryspin Kwikstryke – Kender Monk
Warlug – Half-Orc Ranger

Returning from a successful job, the Wayward Sons saw Sheriff Hemlock posting a former open bounty on goblins. Sometime in the last few weeks, the Licktoad Tribe got a hold of fireworks somehow. While the fireworks aren’t especially dangerous, the goblins have been more brazen since coming into their possession: while they had always been a potentially dangerous nuisance, they had now severely harmed three people and officially been recognized as a public danger. Telflam itself wasn’t in jeopardy, but Sandpoint had to do something about the problem before it got out of hand. Johnny and the Wayward Sons took the bounty notice immediately and headed off to the Rusty Dragon to plan their next move.

After some planning, some advice from “Lelu” the elven ranger, and a night of well-deserved relaxation, the party set off into Brinestump Marsh. Their goal; to find the Warden of the Marsh, Walthus Proudstump; who could then direct the party to the Licktoad Tribe’s village.

Warlug’s scouting lead the party safely down the New Fish Trail to Warden Proudstump’s home. They arrived to find the Warden in a sorry state: He was suffering the ill-effects of snake venom. After seeing themselves into the Warden’s home, purging the poison from him (after Jambro was certain the bite was not located in an “untreatable” area), and getting the directions they needed, the party was prepared to make their way back into the Marsh. At that time, however, they heard a scream from the upstairs of the Warden’s home.

Wasting no time, Warlug climbed the outside of the building, while the rest of the party made their way up the stairs. The party heard screams coming from inside the wall, whereupon the Warden attempted to escape by defenestration, which Warlug prevented. The wall was opened to reveal a second Walthus Proudstump, also in sorry health. The first Warden was revealed to be a fake, some kind of skin-changer who had attacked Proudstump and tried to take his place. After quickly subduing the shapeshifter, the decision was made that the evil creature could not be allowed to escape to hurt others and he was executed.

The true Walthus Proudstump was much more cordial a host: after fixing refreshments for the party, he offered his magical cloak to Warlug and the use of his home to the party. They decided to stay the night before going to the goblin village.

The next morning, the party set off with Walthus’s directions, finding their way to the village quickly. They found the village seemingly deserted. Upon further investigation, they were attacked by the remaining goblins, though the party made short work of them. It was then that they found the shack of His Girthiness, Chief Rendwattle Gutwad. Chief Gutwad was guarded by his “elite” goblin champions, though the party seemed not to notice. Chief Gutwad himself was rather formidable, however; he hurt Warlug with a lucky fire rocket attack, and was in position to deliver a coup-d-grace, when Johnny used the “Captain Cormyr” shield toss maneuver to foul the Chief’s spear thrust. Once that danger passed, the rest of the party cleaned up the remaining goblins and even managed to capture one.

The remaining goblin told the party of how skeletons had attacked the goblin village, apparently seeking the treasure (including the fireworks) that the goblins had ransacked from a cave not far from the village. The party set off towards the cave, both to investigate the treasure and to be certain the undead posed no further threat to the area.

After dealing with some of the cave’s living residents, the party began to follow Johnny’s sense of supernatural rage permeating the cave. Soon, they found the skeletons that had attacked the goblin village. Using skill-at-arms, spells, hate-fueled spoken word (bardic performance), and well-applied kung-fu, the party defeated the skeleton threat. The final skeleton to emerge was wearing Tian-style armor, and was the source of the undying rage which had animated the skeletons to attack. With the skeletons defeated, Kryspin celebrated by using the undead ronin’s skull as a sock-puppet.

Cataloging the treasures found, Fawkes discovered a note hidden in the pommel of the ronin’s sword: The note was written by non other than Ameiko’s grandfather, addressed to her father. The note alluded to a great family secret, one which Ameiko’s grandfather promised to reveal, provided the family’s enemies were no longer aware of their presence. The note revealed Ameiko’s family’s ties to a former colony called Brinewall, a place which had been lost due to an unknown catastrophe nearly 26 years ago. The party knew Ameiko would be very interested to hear this news.

On their way back, they saw the wrecks of two Tian ships, “Kaijitsu’s Blossom” and “The Kaijitsu Star”, one of which was guarded by more restless skeletons. They also explored (and knocked down) the old witch Megus’s shack, which was still occupied by the witch’s familiar, Skitterfoot. Though he put up a fight, the ratling abomination was simply no match for the party’s combined strength. However, due to a combination of exhaustion, wounds, and daylight lost, the party made the decision to stop back at Proudstump’s home. Walthus was still exhausted from his near-death fight with the shapeshifter, but he was glad to open his home the Wayward Sons.

That night, Warlug awoke to a startling sight: in the front yard, the Soggy River Monster was watching the house! wrathspawn.JPG

Quickly springing to action, Warlug loosed an arrow at the beast, wounding it. However, once the house was awoken, the decision was made to wait until morning to track it. The party did track the beast the next morning, finding its den. After being rocked back by the initial ferocity of its sneak attack against the party, Kryspin sprung into decisive action! Kryspin’s flying double leg knocked the creature out solidly. The party had not only found and defeated the Soggy River Monster, responsible for potentially dozens of deaths over the last three years, but could have captured it alive! The decision was made, however (and rather quickly), that the creature was simply too dangerous to be let alive. Even if it had been properly restrained, what use was their in letting an abomination such as that live? They did return with its mostly intact body, which fetched a fair price as a curio piece at a local taphouse.

Upon returning to Sandpoint, the party informed Ameiko of their discoveries relating to her family. She decided on the spot that she wanted to make the 500 mile journey to Brinewall to discover what she could about her family’s past. The decision was made to caravan there, after the party attends to personal business in and about town.

Next week, we’ll start with the caravan trek north to Brinewall…


Nice picture of the Soggy River Monster. I was able to scroll down… Of course when I went to the adventure log page I had to click on the title and then it went to "The Brinewall Legacy Part One: Fires Over Brinestump ". Lets take a look at it on your computer Sat night.

Great first session everyone. And thanks Josh, im looking forward to a great campaign!!


Are you supposed to be able to scroll down on the page just before this? Where you can see all the logs? Or are you only supposed to be able to see the first part and then you have to click on the title to read the whole thing? It’s not a big deal, since I can just click on it to read the entire post. Just so long as everyone else can read it.


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