Ashik Fawkes

Gentlemen, welcome to the Broom-closet.


Male Tiefling Bard (College of War)
Age: 26
Height: 6’1"
Hair: Black
Faith: Milil


“Yeah, my family has got money. The Fawkes were well known spice traders in Marsember. Simply being a house made up of Tieflings might account for that alone, but my father was also very good at what he does. That means gold. Fancy clothes, expensive wine, dinner parties, riding skiffs up and down the canals- I did not want for anything growing up.

“As the third child, I was not being groomed to replace my father. So when I told him of my desire to attend the bardic school in Arabel, he gave me a sack of gold and his blessing. And a warning that this was my one chance.

“My time in school was wonderful. I studied hard and partied harder. Inevitably, my various pranks and other escapades drew the ire of the faculty. I didn’t make it through the first semester before the final straw, the "Hedgehog Fiasco, " got me kicked out (no refunds).

“Broke and not expecting a warm welcome upon my return to Marsember, I did what any sane person would do. I joined the military. A recruiter convinced me that would do well as a bannerman. He was right. Ordered life as a Purple Dragon really chafed, but I had a knack for the job.

“Cormyr’s military was very different from the trading families. It was only a matter of time before the brass decided to do something about the Tiefling trying to make a name for himself in the lower ranks. One day my CO pulled me aside and told me I was doing an impressive job. So impressive that I was getting a promotion and a transfer… to Thesk.

“Yeah, I got a shiny Swordcaptain badge and my own office. I like to call it the Broom-closet. I send reports to Suzail and hope that someone shows up to relieve me of my post. I’ve been waiting here in Nyth for almost four years now. It’s not bad, but it’s definitely not Cormyr.

“Maybe this year I’ll send the Purple Dragons my “thanks but no thanks” papers. I’ve saved up a few coins. I could try following Whiskey’s caravan or those Winchester brothers for a while. Whatever I decide, it has to be more exciting than Nyth."

Ashik Fawkes

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