Jambro "BattleStout" Winchester

A Dwarf's Dwarf if ever there was a Dwarf. Women want him and Men want to be him.


Hair:Dark Brown
Faith: images.jpg
Hanseath‚ is the Dwarven deity of war, carousing, and alcohol. He is a lesser diety of Chaotic Neutral alignment and his domains are Chaos, Strength, Travel, War. He is known as the Bearded One for his thick beard.


Jambro is a good ol boy from the mountains of the storm horns. Parents were killed by Demons. He was raised by humans in Suzail with his Brother Johnathan C Winchester. Vowing by the beard of all Dwarves he would find and kill the demon’s responsible and whoever made the order.

This determination both gave him the determination and will to Master where no other Dwarves have before. Becoming the first Cormyrian War Wizard in the history of Cormyr. Not only was a Dwarven Wizard rare but to be honored among the ranks of the famous Cormyrian War Wizards was nigh unimaginable.

Jambro was a Dwarf among Dwarves and showed his metal. His mind and magic ability was as keen and quick as the quickest rogue and the boons of his race gave him the ability to contend with situations when magic was not possible. He had graduated wizard academy in his 20’s and inducted into the War Wizards academy for another decade. Where they had created a secret sub group to experiment with War Wizardry of which all were given a special Cormyrian Arcane Mark that granted them the rights and privileges of a Cormyrian War Wizard. Such a mark noticeable to a CWW, Noble family/guards and select few nobles.

Jambro’s class was made up of Wizards with varying schools of magic and not strictly taught battle magic. Surprisingly magic was not the main focus of learning. Instead they were taught how to wage warfare in various capacities, large scale, small scale, infiltration, ambushes etc. Tactics and survival in the battle field and adapting spells for war, battle and defense.

After graduation from the CWW academy he took a sabbatical and spent 8yrs traveling the Mountain ranges around Corymyr and neighboring countries. Meeting and learning from his the Dwarves of his Dwarven heritage, before returning to Cormyr to fulfill his honor bound minimum service of two years to Cormyr.

He spent his time of service traveling Cormyr with his brothers Purple Dragon Comany and occasional other company’s or adventuring company when his specific skills were needed. Then finishing up his term of service in Nyth with his brother, to the east in Thesk. A threat from the East was brewing and they were to recon and report monthly developments. They feared a repeat of Tuigan Horde invation of 1360 DR, * Thesk invasion

Jambro also took up the tradition of the Dwarves in alcohol after finding faith in Hanseath. In his journey’s back home he earned the trust and craft of Master Stiller “Popcorn Sutton” in brewing Dwarven Shine. The Dwarven spirits was little to potent for Cormyrian humans and after a few cases of riots and supposed deaths from alcohol poisoning. Cormyr had outlawed Dwarven spirits, except for Dwarves. This created a black market and Mountain Dwarves like Jambro would brew it up in the hills and smuggle into city’s and make runs to towns avoiding guards.It also helped his Brother Johnny was a Purple Knight, this meant his caravan never got searched traveling with him…

The shine business helped in many ways. He met many a merchant and travelers from all over, being able to gather information for Cormyr, Dwarven Spirits often bringing people to let loose secrets and talk openly. He was also able to seed money away for supplies and information and magic to aid the “Family Business”

Jambro "BattleStout" Winchester

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