Shalelu Andosana

A stoic loner who watches over & keeps ppl at arms length


Female Elf Ranger
Age: 130
Height: 5’10"
Hair: Blonde
Faith: Desna (Selune)


Although Shalelu Andosana is something of a mystery to the residents of Sandpoint, she’s certainly one of the town’s most admired defenders. She doesn’t actually live in town, but she sometimes spends the night at the Rusty Dragon free of charge, thanks to her long friendship with Ameiko Kaijitsu.

Everyone in town knows that Shalelu is something of a loner and prefers to spend her time wandering in and exploring the wilderness around Sandpoint. She periodically vanishes from the region for weeks or even months at a time to visit friends elsewhere in Varisia (particularly, it’s said, near Hook Mountain or up north near the elven village of Crying Leaf ), but she never fails to return to Sandpoint. No one quite understands why she keeps coming back. When asked why, she merely says, “Someone’s got to keep an eye on you all.”

Her timely reports of goblin activity have helped save folk from ambushes or warned the militia of possible attacks on the town or the surrounding farmlands numerous times. Yet in recent days, Sheriff Hemlock has begun taking a more active role in patrolling the surrounding area, and his militia is better trained now than ever before, which means that Shalelu’s aid in keeping an eye on the hinterlands is growing less and less necessary. She actually seems relatively pleased with this development, however, as though she’s proud that Sandpoint is finally starting to look after itself rather than disappointed at not being needed any longer. She has even started hinting that she’s thinking of taking a long journey away from Sandpoint sometime in the future, but whenever she is pressed for details, she just shrugs and changes the topic.

Preferred Gifts: Nature-themed works of art
Hated Insults: Implications that she is frigid or incapable of love


Ameiko: Ameiko is Shalelu’s best friend and the two are quite close. After Luthien, Ameiko probably knows the most about the reserved elf. For her part, Shalelu looks upon Ameiko has a second sister and can be a little protective and has taken Matsuro to task on several occasions due to his behaviour towards his half-sister. On more than one occasional, the Tian woman as managed to get the elven woman quite drunk and got her singing along with one of her ballads. Shalelu refuses to acknowledge that this has ever happened.

Sandru: Shalelu has little time for the Varisian caravanner and has heated words with him in the past. She knows something happened when he and Ameiko were adventuring together, something neither will speak about but makes Ameiko sad when it is brought up. This was made worse when Ameiko returned to Sandpoint and the Varisian packed up and left her without a word, causing Shalelu to hunt him down in the wilderness and give him a full on spray. However, he and Ameiko seem to have recently mended their friendship so for now Shalelu watches him like a hawk.

Koya: Koya is one of the reasons why humans freak Shalelu out a little. She has watched this young women turn into an old, spindly crone in what seems to her, a very short time. However, she respects Koya for her kind ways and has made use of the old woman’s healing and abilities over the years. Their shared love for the Goddess, Desna also gives the two much to talk about and Koya is always interested to hear about the places the young elf has walked

Shalelu Andosana

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