A hunter, a guide, a tracker and one of the only things standing between civilization and the gigantic terrors of the wild


Male Half-Orc Ranger
Age: 18
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Dark
Height: 6’10"
Weight: 438 lbs.
Faith: Selûne


Warlug is a ranger who currently resides in Nyth although, because of his skills and natural desires, never stays in one place for too long. Most recently he has been traveling and collecting bounties with Johnny, Jambro, Sandru and Koya on a regular caravan route that travels between Uthmere, New Sarshel and Telflamm two or three times a year.

Deliberately spawned by the leader of the Bloody Skull orc clan in the Earthfast Mountains of Impultur, Warlug was constantly having to prove his worth in battle and with feats of strength. While still quite young, he was quietly recognized as more clever than his orc cousins and was assigned as an apprentice to the clan’s shaman. The apprenticeship was brutal and the evil shaman routinely beat him. It wasn’t long before the shaman recognized Warlug as a legitimate threat to replace him and the shaman left him for dead after a particularly savage beating.

It was then that Koya found him and brought him back from the brink of death with a cure wounds spell. The rescue was particularly dramatic and affected Warlug not only physically, but also spiritually. Never before had he witnessed magic used to heal, only harm. He adopted Koya’s faith in Selûne and she adopted him as her second son. Although he grew up alongside her other adopted child Sandru, Warlug was actually closer in age to Ameiko, whom he developed a childhood crush on.

Warlug quickly learned how to be a useful member of the caravan, first as a driver. He had a natural ability to handle the animals pulling the caravan to calm them down or keep them from getting spooked when the caravan was attacked. His excellent memory for maps and geography combined with his ability to navigate using only Selûne’s moon and stars quickly gained him the promotion to caravan guide. It was his experience as a guide that led him to being hired by the bounty hunter Johnny and his brother Jambro. Warlug’s current job is that of a scout and he spends his days traveling not with the caravan, but in the surrounding wilderness, looking out for possible trouble on the route ahead and seeking out stores in the form of water and game.

Recently he has grown tired of Thesk and wants to explore further east.


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