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Prelude to Campaign
One month prior to the LickToad incident

(The following event transpired one month before the 1st session)


::The massive half orc listened intently to his dwarven friend recall the tale of his dwarven clan abandoning their stronghold in the Storm-Horn Mountains. The wooden deck of the INN’s entrance creaked loudly, as if in opposition to his immense weight, but held firm as he slowly shifted back and forth looking down and nodding absently as he finished one last, long drag of tobacco before absently flicking the remnant of the material off the porch. He exhaled the smoke through his nose, brow furrowed in frustration with the disturbing tale of the Devil known as “yellow eyes” who apparently had been the creature responsible for dwarves evacuation.::

J Winchester – … After we were driven from the mouth of the cave entrance, he spoke to us through our high priest. It was him, but it wasn’t his voice. He said “I have seen beyond the bounds of infinity and drawn down daemons from the stars. . . . I have harnessed the shadows that stride from world to world to sow death and madness. Man rules now where they ruled once; they shall soon rule where man rules now. After summer is winter, and after winter summer. They wait patient and potent, for here shall they reign again.” Then he just fell over, dead. His eyes were wide, and his features grim. He died hard. It was disturbing. I remember looking at him as one of the soldiers made his way over urging me to back away. I could tell he was afraid because his hand on my shoulder shook the entire time, and his grip was like a vice. … After we traveled south to Suzail, we spoke with King Azoun who took us in. I was there as a witness to what happened when what was left of our council told the tale to the King of Cormyr. After hearing it all the king said our Priest must have died of fright. He said, the oldest and strongest emotion is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown. And I knew he meant yellow eyes…later when talk came up of requesting aid to retake the stronghold the King said, It is absolutely necessary, for the peace and safety of all, that some of Faerun’s dark, dead corners and unplumbed depths be let alone; lest sleeping abnormalities wake to resurgent life, and blasphemously surviving nightmares squirm and splash out of their black lairs to newer and wider conquests. Your home is here now. Leave the Dwarven kingdom of the Storm-Horns in the past as you move forward. Your future is here. And that was that…


::The Cormyrian Knights voice was suddenly drowned out by a large wagon that had pulled up to the INN, several men in dark armor with symbols of the god BANE prominently displayed on their shoulder guards dismount from horses and emerged from the back of the wagon. Stopping to stretch and look about with a look of mild consternation, their leader made his way toward the INN’s entrance, stopping at the base of the stairs looking from the Dwarf to the Half-Orc.::


Bane Soldier – I thought it bad enough this country allows so many orcs to run about without a proper overseer, now I see they openly consort with dwarves. Your clan must be weak indeed, dwarf.

J Winchester – No. no, I have just observed the people of Thesk prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery. (wink)

::The two stared down each other for several seconds when suddenly the sound of a match being struck by the Half-orc breaks the awkward silence as he tilted his head down to light another piece of tobacco, his eyes looking up the entire time at the men gathering on the stairs. Another one of the human soldiers moves forward, rubbing shoulders with his leader he absently nods in the Half-Orc’s direction while tapping his hand impatiently on hilt of his sword::

Bane Solider – Hey. “ORC”. Give me one of those.


::The Half Orc slowly and methodically moved forward, casting a large shadow that enveloped three of the soldiers as he reached the landing at the bottom of the stairs. He stared at the man for a moment that seemed to almost issue a challenge, but finally shifted his weight instead while casually looking down at their feet. Smirking, he pivoted sideways and using his foot to flick the remains of his discarded piece of tobacco that was lying in the dirt toward the human banite.::

Warlug- Sure. That’s your brand there, pal.

Banite ::drawing a sword:: Son of a…


::A large crack quickly emanated from behind their wagon, at first a piercing shriek that quickly grew into a thunderous boom. The Banite soldiers dispersed, and reformed in a crude column on the opposite side of the wagon behind their leader, a tall balding man with a long scar under his left eye. He glared up defiantly at another dwarf sitting atop a horse who returned his hateful glare. The dwarf seemed unkempt, and had a wild and fierce look about him. He pulled his horse up alongside the leader who was standing in what was left of one of the wagons wheels that had been blown apart. The unseemly dwarf glared down at the banite, one hand simultaneously holding the reigns and a jar with clear liquid in it, while the other gripped an onyx battle axe that was covered with intermittent trails of blue lightning that seemed to be coming from the dwarves forearm::


Jambro Winchester- Someone went and fucked up yer wagon. ::shaking his head he turned to glance behind him:: You are in luck though… There is a general store half a mile that way. Im sure the locals will be happy to take your money Banite. We appreciate you stimulating the local economy and all.

::The Banite leader glared daggers up at the dwarf who simply belched loudly after finishing off what was in the jar and tossing the empty container down at the humans feet.::

Banite Leader – I think that is a fine idea. Then we will be moving along (he quickly stifled his men who began to voice their discontent with a wave of his hand) But, I’m sure we will meet again.

::The Half-Orc and Dwarven Knight had now made their way over to flank the Banites on each side::

J Winchester – Well… “Bye”.

::The Trio watched the men get back onto their horses and the damaged wagon slowly make a u-turn back toward the direction of the general store. After they all turned and made their way up the stairs toward the INN doors (a window off to the side slowly closes as the trio enter the INN), the three men are immediately greeted by a lean devilish figure in a long trench coat holding a bow. He grins sideways at them while pushing a stylish fedora up with his thumb::


Ashik- Making new friends again I see.

Warlug – No one ever wants to play with me. (Shaking his head side to side)

Ahsik – “I” don’t want to play with you….

Warlug- Guess I’ll go kick rocks.

::A sharp voice interrupts the two as Warlug pats Ashik on the shoulder, and the group begins to take a seat at a large table. A small figure stands up on the bench, his round and bright face beaming from behind a large metal footlocker laying haphazardly across the table.::

Kryspin – I will play with you Warlug!

Warlug- (looking down at the metal chest) It looks like you have your hands full already little fella…

J Winchester- Quick, where did you get this?

Jambro- Who cares where he got it. He got it, let’s see what’s in it at least.

J Winchester- You know where this came from…

Jambro- And I still don’t give a damn.

::Grinning, the group huddles over the chest that was obviously taken from the Banite wagon::

Kryspin- You won’t believe what people leave lying around. This must have fell off that wagon those guys you were trying to help. It was sure nice of you to give them directions… I am sure they wouldn’t want its contents to get stolen. There is a bad element around here, I mean look at what someone did to their wagon wheel! We better take an inventory…

Ashkin- (almost spitting his drink out; shaking his head) that’s really fucking thin Kryspin…

J Winchester- (rubbing his temples) Hell, thin is his middle name…

::Click, a small head with a topknot peeks over the top of the chest, eyes darting from side to side as a loud creak is heard and the lid is raised. A soft golden light immediately spilling out in all directions…::

Collectively – “Ohhhhh….”



The Brinewall Legacy Part One: Fires Over Brinestump
...or: Ronin-skull-puppet Theatre

This session took place over 3 day,. beginning and ending in late summer.

Ashik Fawkes – Tiefling Bard
Jambro “Battlestout” Winchester – Dwarven Wizard/Priest
Johnny “Courage” Winchester – Dwarven Avenger
Kryspin Kwikstryke – Kender Monk
Warlug – Half-Orc Ranger

Returning from a successful job, the Wayward Sons saw Sheriff Hemlock posting a former open bounty on goblins. Sometime in the last few weeks, the Licktoad Tribe got a hold of fireworks somehow. While the fireworks aren’t especially dangerous, the goblins have been more brazen since coming into their possession: while they had always been a potentially dangerous nuisance, they had now severely harmed three people and officially been recognized as a public danger. Telflam itself wasn’t in jeopardy, but Sandpoint had to do something about the problem before it got out of hand. Johnny and the Wayward Sons took the bounty notice immediately and headed off to the Rusty Dragon to plan their next move.

After some planning, some advice from “Lelu” the elven ranger, and a night of well-deserved relaxation, the party set off into Brinestump Marsh. Their goal; to find the Warden of the Marsh, Walthus Proudstump; who could then direct the party to the Licktoad Tribe’s village.

Warlug’s scouting lead the party safely down the New Fish Trail to Warden Proudstump’s home. They arrived to find the Warden in a sorry state: He was suffering the ill-effects of snake venom. After seeing themselves into the Warden’s home, purging the poison from him (after Jambro was certain the bite was not located in an “untreatable” area), and getting the directions they needed, the party was prepared to make their way back into the Marsh. At that time, however, they heard a scream from the upstairs of the Warden’s home.

Wasting no time, Warlug climbed the outside of the building, while the rest of the party made their way up the stairs. The party heard screams coming from inside the wall, whereupon the Warden attempted to escape by defenestration, which Warlug prevented. The wall was opened to reveal a second Walthus Proudstump, also in sorry health. The first Warden was revealed to be a fake, some kind of skin-changer who had attacked Proudstump and tried to take his place. After quickly subduing the shapeshifter, the decision was made that the evil creature could not be allowed to escape to hurt others and he was executed.

The true Walthus Proudstump was much more cordial a host: after fixing refreshments for the party, he offered his magical cloak to Warlug and the use of his home to the party. They decided to stay the night before going to the goblin village.

The next morning, the party set off with Walthus’s directions, finding their way to the village quickly. They found the village seemingly deserted. Upon further investigation, they were attacked by the remaining goblins, though the party made short work of them. It was then that they found the shack of His Girthiness, Chief Rendwattle Gutwad. Chief Gutwad was guarded by his “elite” goblin champions, though the party seemed not to notice. Chief Gutwad himself was rather formidable, however; he hurt Warlug with a lucky fire rocket attack, and was in position to deliver a coup-d-grace, when Johnny used the “Captain Cormyr” shield toss maneuver to foul the Chief’s spear thrust. Once that danger passed, the rest of the party cleaned up the remaining goblins and even managed to capture one.

The remaining goblin told the party of how skeletons had attacked the goblin village, apparently seeking the treasure (including the fireworks) that the goblins had ransacked from a cave not far from the village. The party set off towards the cave, both to investigate the treasure and to be certain the undead posed no further threat to the area.

After dealing with some of the cave’s living residents, the party began to follow Johnny’s sense of supernatural rage permeating the cave. Soon, they found the skeletons that had attacked the goblin village. Using skill-at-arms, spells, hate-fueled spoken word (bardic performance), and well-applied kung-fu, the party defeated the skeleton threat. The final skeleton to emerge was wearing Tian-style armor, and was the source of the undying rage which had animated the skeletons to attack. With the skeletons defeated, Kryspin celebrated by using the undead ronin’s skull as a sock-puppet.

Cataloging the treasures found, Fawkes discovered a note hidden in the pommel of the ronin’s sword: The note was written by non other than Ameiko’s grandfather, addressed to her father. The note alluded to a great family secret, one which Ameiko’s grandfather promised to reveal, provided the family’s enemies were no longer aware of their presence. The note revealed Ameiko’s family’s ties to a former colony called Brinewall, a place which had been lost due to an unknown catastrophe nearly 26 years ago. The party knew Ameiko would be very interested to hear this news.

On their way back, they saw the wrecks of two Tian ships, “Kaijitsu’s Blossom” and “The Kaijitsu Star”, one of which was guarded by more restless skeletons. They also explored (and knocked down) the old witch Megus’s shack, which was still occupied by the witch’s familiar, Skitterfoot. Though he put up a fight, the ratling abomination was simply no match for the party’s combined strength. However, due to a combination of exhaustion, wounds, and daylight lost, the party made the decision to stop back at Proudstump’s home. Walthus was still exhausted from his near-death fight with the shapeshifter, but he was glad to open his home the Wayward Sons.

That night, Warlug awoke to a startling sight: in the front yard, the Soggy River Monster was watching the house! wrathspawn.JPG

Quickly springing to action, Warlug loosed an arrow at the beast, wounding it. However, once the house was awoken, the decision was made to wait until morning to track it. The party did track the beast the next morning, finding its den. After being rocked back by the initial ferocity of its sneak attack against the party, Kryspin sprung into decisive action! Kryspin’s flying double leg knocked the creature out solidly. The party had not only found and defeated the Soggy River Monster, responsible for potentially dozens of deaths over the last three years, but could have captured it alive! The decision was made, however (and rather quickly), that the creature was simply too dangerous to be let alive. Even if it had been properly restrained, what use was their in letting an abomination such as that live? They did return with its mostly intact body, which fetched a fair price as a curio piece at a local taphouse.

Upon returning to Sandpoint, the party informed Ameiko of their discoveries relating to her family. She decided on the spot that she wanted to make the 500 mile journey to Brinewall to discover what she could about her family’s past. The decision was made to caravan there, after the party attends to personal business in and about town.

Next week, we’ll start with the caravan trek north to Brinewall…

The Brinewall Legacy Interlude: The Midnight Mirror
...or: The Banite Eviction Notice

This session took place over two and a half weeks. Two weeks travel time, with 3 days spent in the Barony of Karpad. Summer’s end is imminent, with an unseasonable chilly autumn forthcoming.

Ashik Fawkes – Tiefling Bard
Jambro “Battlestout” Winchester – Dwarven Wizard/Priest
Johnny “Courage” Winchester – Dwarven Avenger
Kryspin Kwikstryke – Kender Monk
Warlug – Half-Orc Ranger
Ameiko Kaijitsu – Human Aristocrat

After returning from Brinestump Marsh with a major clue about Ameiko’s past, the Wayward Sons and Co. decided to gear up for an expedition to the ruined town of Brinewall. While preparations were being handled by Sandru “Whiskey”, Ameiko asked if the Sons would be willing to escort her to the town of Karpad to look after her friend Anya. Ameiko had received increasingly troubling letters from Anya as to the state of Karpad and her husband’s sanity. Anya reported that her husband had grown erratic, and the town was in unrest due to a supernatural disease that was spreading.

The journey to Karpad was briefly interrupted by a hill giant attack. But, a ray from Jambro enfeebled the giant, ending its attack.

Upon arriving in Karpad, the party found the town in unrest. They decided to head straight for the Boroi Manor.

Passing through town square, they saw three shade-touched, a family, about to be lynched: The local Watch Captain, Lucian Groy, believed the shade-touched to have abducted his daughter. Also, many of the sick in the mob were blaming the shade-touched for their illness. The party intervened, discovering that Captain Groy was behaving erratically. The Captain’s story changed each time someone asked him why the shade-touched would have taken his girl. At this time, Jambro began using his divine power to heal the sick. In a display of awesome power, he channeled enough energy to heal all the sick in the mob.

After cowing the mob, the party managed to convince the Captain that the shade-touched had nothing to do with his daughter’s disappearance. The shade-touched; Sergei, a farmer, Delia, his wife, and Marius, their son, were grateful for their rescue. Sergei wanted to get himself and his family out of Karpad for good, and accepted work on the caravan.


After easing that situation, the party got back on track toward Boroi Manor.

On the way, they noticed a House of Pain (temple to Lovitar) and an odd coincidence: the same wagon the Banites were driving through Sandpoint was parked out front. As the party was checking it out to confirm it was the same wagon, the Banites came out. The Banites were (unsurprisingly) threatening and hostile. Fighting in the streets ensued, with the party spell-casters putting the Banite warriors to sleep, while Warlug, Johnny, and Kryspin pressed the Lovitar priest. Despite the priestesses’ prayers to Lovitar, the party overcame her, chasing her into her own desecrated temple. There, they slew her as she ran for her altar and reinforcements.

The visiting Banite cleric rushed into the church’s main chamber with reinforcements! The party stood resolute, ready to face another servant of an evil god. The party squared off as the Banite stood with his warriors. The Banite cleric demanded the party leave, to which Warlug responded clearly: Warlug charged the cleric and dealt him a savage blow. He followed up that strike with a demand to run. Staggered, and coming to grips with the dead before him, the cleric realized he was out-matched. He and his men dropped their weapons and fled, “It was a temple to Lovitar, anyway!” one said as they ran out the door.

After taking a few moments to recover (and to loot the church), the party made their way to Boroi Manor. Without further incident.

After being brought into the manor, they were offered brought to the sitting room and offered refreshments while they waited for Anya. Some of the party wandered off to investigate different areas of the manor, while others stayed with Ameiko and Anya. Between the whole group, they learned of disappearances in town, that a disease called “Tallow-throat” was spreading among the non-shade-touched people of Karpad. The disease caused the throat to swell prodigiously, paranoia, and eventually death. Worse yet, upon dying, the throat opened and released two shadows to torment the living. If that wasn’t enough, Anya was concerned about her husband’s sanity, personally. The party agreed to find out what was happening and try to stop it. Warlug got a lead on a disappearance: The last person to have seen Irini, a missing woman, was the town’s candlemaker, Catalina. The party headed off toward the candle shop.

Once there, they felt things were amiss and headed in through the cellar entry. Once they were past the hot wax trap they tripped, they found guards inside. They were easily dispatched, but a strange creature waited for them: A lurker-in-light. The creature created daylight in the cellar, which he remained invisible in. He claimed to have the authority to conduct his experiments from the Baron, himself. After a protracted battle, finished by Kryspin’s well-timed counter attack, the Sons began investigating the area. They found Catalina dead, but found the missing towns folk (who hadn’t already been sacrificed) encased in wax. After freeing them, they immediately went back to the manor to confront the Baron about his association with the evil sorcerer.

They were interrupted by a pair of victims of tallowthroat, both of whom they were able to save from the massive damage they suffered when their throats burst open to allow hungry shadows to escape.


Upon confronting the Baron, the party initially tried to use diplomacy and intimidation to get him talking. However, when that wasn’t getting them their answers fast enough, Jambro used a charm spell. Once under that effect, Baron Stephan Boroi spilled his guts; he told Jambro everything, thinking he was confessing his troubles to his most trusted friend. In short, he wanted what the third son would almost certainly never have: his father’s title and properties. He discovered a magic mirror in the manor’s basement. While examining it, he saw another person in the reflection: this was Nicasor, a Shade imprisoned for hundreds of years. Stephan and Nicasor worked out a deal, whereby they would trade bodies once every ten years. Nicasor would eliminate Stephan’s problems, while at the same time setting up possibilities for his escape from the prison. Stephan became Baron after both brothers went missing and his father succumbed to illness.

However, Stephan has now married and has had a child. He has come to regret all he’s done. With his back against the wall (and his remorse tested by Johnny), the party agreed to go into the Midnight Mirror, to destroy it and NIcasor.

Preparing themselves for whatever might await them within, the party is sent into the Mirror via Stephan’s command word. On the other side, they find a reflection of Boroi Manor. Similar to other parts of the Plane of Shadow, this place has become a cold, colorless version of it’s Prime Material opposite. The party finds themselves in near-freezing temperatures and almost total darkness. Even with the aid of magical light, visibility is limited in The House of Night.

The Sons encounter Shade-ghouls in a crypt near their entry point. They quickly realize that the denizens of the House of Night are infused with shadowstuff; supernaturally tough, capable of regeneration, and totally at home in the darkness. After a tense battle, they manage to overcome the Shade-ghouls and begin their exploration of the House of Night in earnest.

They intend to kill Nicasor, rescue Stephan’s brothers, and destroy the physical manifestation of the Mirror’s intelligence, The Heart. Armed with shards of the Mirror for that express purpose, the Sons encounter tormented spirits, undead, shadows, and Shade-touched retainers of Nicasor. During the course of their exploration, Johnny discovers a child; Sorin, child of Stephan’s older brother Iozif. Sorin, while illegitimate, is non-the-less the heir to the Boroi Barony, were he returned to the Material Plane to make such a claim. The party discovered that both of Stephan’s brothers had died since they were kidnapped and brought to the House of Night.

On the way to destroy The Heart, the Sons meet other prisoners of the Mirror. Elenuta and her partner Trakis. The Sons were able to convince the captured Shades that they were not sent by The Heart to torment them. Instead, Elenuta and Trakis were convinced to help destroy The Heart and thus gain their freedom. The Sons found the central chamber of the Manor, where the courtyard would have been, and found walls of shadowstuff. Hacking through, they charged boldly into battle with The Heart of the House of Night!


Warlug lead the charge, dealing tremendous blows to The Heart. However, he was quickly grabbed by The Heart and swallowed whole! Johnny and Kryspin ran in to back up their half-orc companion. Johnny (boldly, bravely, crazily?) decided to “go in after him”, allowing himself to get swallowed by The Heart to try to help Warlug. Kryspin continued working away at The Heart with one of the Shards of Night.

While the paralytic stomach acids of The Heart worked away at the unfortunate Sons, Fawkes, Jambro, and Elenuta began using magic to try to wound the Heart. Jambro quickly found that his acidic spells, usually so devastating, were completely ineffective against The Heart. After many tense rounds of battle, the party finally managed to bring down the creature. Once defeated, the stability of the splinter Shadow Plane began to waiver…the party had precious (and unknown) minutes to escape The House of Night, and they still needed to kill Nicasor and rescue Sorin.

As fate would have it, Nicasor reached them at this time: He shadow-jumped behind Elenuta’s friend Trakis, stabbed him with both his swords, and killed him almost instantly! As the Sons squared off with Nicasor, the House began to break apart. First, the ground was covered in spiky nettles of shadowstuff, which rippled across the floor and walls. The Sons’ front line began fighting with Nicasor, who proved to be both evasive and resilient: he seemed to blend into the shadows (which were abundant), while his shadowstuff-infused flesh seemed to turn aside blows that would have been considerably more lethal to a normal mortal. His swords blurred about his body, defending himself effectively while dealing deadly strikes.

As the Sons fought him, the gravity on the plane failed and returned, hungry shadows bled from the walls, and total darkness briefly interrupted the fight. Nicasor displayed shadow-fueled spell-casting and the ability to shadow step, both of which he used to try to dispatch the party before the House’s collapse. However; the Sons’ combined efforts, along with Elenuta’s assistance in disrupting Nicasor’s shadow-powers, was simply too much for the exiled Shade soldier. The Sons dispatched him, with time to spare to grab whatever gear they had brought in or found, rescue Sorin, and get out through the MIrror itself.

Returning victorious to Boroi Manor, the Sons had a serious conversation with Baron Stephan regarding his past transgressions and what was going to be done to start setting things right. The Baron repented his sins, cast aside his faith in Lovitar, adopted Sorin, and swore to start turning things around in Karpad. By the time the Sons left, Anya had her husband back and more, the tallow-throat disease was wiped out (once Nicasor was dead and unable to send it through the Mirror), a Lovitar/Bane church was cast down with a Selune church raised in its place, and Ameiko’s fears were laid to rest. So, they could now return to Sandpoint, caravan up, and head to Brinewall to investigate Ameiko’s family history.

Significant Treasure found:
- Merikel, a (plus) 1 Bastard Sword found in the House of Night
- Celdoriath’s Clarion, a masterwork spiraled silver trumpet of Elven make
- Shade Captain’s swords, a matched (plus) 1 long sword and short sword of Netherese make. Though not invested of anymore magical power than the “+1” status, as a set they are more valuable, especially to collectors interested in such things.

A vist from an old friend
(The night/early morning return to Sandpoint/Nyth) Post 2nd session

The following event happened after the second session as the group returned to Sandpoint/Nyth. Location: Ameiko’s Inn

::It was late and his friends could still be heard laughing and making merry down the arch formed staircase of the INN as he closed the fragile wooden door to the first room on the second floor, the top of the flimsy door rattled and caught at an awkward angle as the middle to bottom of the door closed flush with the adjoining wall. Sighing, Jonathan turned on heel and disrobed, staggering over to the chamber pot. A sense of great relief hit him as he stood half naked with his pants around his ankles. Suddenly, he felt odd and heard the faint sound of flapping in the distance. He casually looked over to see a slender man of average height, dawned in Cormyrian commoner’s apparel staring down at him. The man tilted his head, so close, Jonathan could feel his breath on his forehead::

Johnathan – (lurching into the wall, spraying it, along with his pants and legs with urine) GOD! Don’t do that!

Cass- Hell Jonathan.

Jonathan- (pulling up his pants, frowning) we have talked about this Cass. How about a little warning?

Cass- Sorry Jonathan.

Jonathan- AND…

Cass- (raises eye brow) Oh. The “Close Talking”. (Steps one foot away) My apologies.

::Walking toward the bed, the dwarf reached for his shirt as the human male stood near the window looking out, absently rubbing his hand over a dusty closed vase in his left hand. Taking a longer look at the human’s dusty appearance the tone of his voice softening::

Jonathan- You ok? Where you been the beach?

Cass- The Anauroch.

Jonathan- Oh? How was it.

Cass- “Arid”.

Jonathan- (pulling his hair back with a piece of leather) why don’t you go say hi to Jambro. He’s just downstairs. I can get some sleep and we can talk in the morning…

Cas- Yes, I looked in on your brother and friends. I was slightly caught off guard by the bouncer’s great sense of melancholy and strong feelings for the female server. Yet, if he loved her it confused me when he continually slapped her on the rear. (Stares off in deep thought, then say as a matter of fact) Perhaps she has done something wrong?

Jonathan- (shaking his head) Uh, no. (Sighing) Look Cass, I’m really tired. I just got back from a trip to this town and it wasn’t the most pleasant place. (Rubbing his shoulder) I mean we just literally got back and

Cass- Yes. I know. You have drawn attention to yourself again.

Jonathan- (exhaling loudly) Again… Can’t we go get a drink at least before you start in on me again. I know this great place in Telflamn, just to the south. (Snaps fingers) You can whisk us right there. Well just relax a bit, you can cite my infractions, I can pretend to listen….

Cass- (cutting him off) “NO.” (Frowning, and appearing a bit sheepish) The last time we “relaxed” you and your brother took me to a den of iniquity!

Jonathan- Hey, Jambro set you up with the elf woman you seemed to like. (Cass looking at Jonathan sideways, eyebrows furrowing) What was her name? … Chastity!

Cass- (earnestly) I assure you there was nothing chaste about that female. And she was half-elven.

Jonathan- Ha ha ha. You got us thrown out of that place!

Cass- I am not sure why she grew so upset with me. I simply looked into her soul and told her it wasn’t her fault that her father Gene ran off. It was because he hated his occupation at the bakery.

Jonathan- ::Face palm:: Look Cass. That entire brothel industry kind of runs on girls with father issues. That is normal. Look, just… Just tell me why you are here.

Cass- I came to warn you. Despite being disciplined for doing so by Raphael.

Jonathan- Wait. You were what?

Cass- There was disagreement on whether or not I should warn you about a potential outcome of events that you will be involved with. My superiors feel I’ve become too close to my charges and starting to show emotions, as that is the doorway to doubt. I was corrected in front of the entire Garrison for my defiance.cas.jpg

Jonathan- You got a beat down by a guy with the name “Raphael”? Sounds like damn Sembian perfume merchant.

Cass- (with deference) He is an Arch-Angel.

Jonathan- Shouldn’t Torm make these decisions?

Cass- (tilting his head) God and the armies of heaven have more to worry about than this issue. It has been delegated to others. So, No Jonathan. God has more important things to do than deal with the nuances of this situation. (Stiffens) That said. The ramifications of your future decisions could be… unpredictable. Specifically, the choices you make regarding your future traveling plans. Be cautious.

Jonathan- (closing his eyes in mild frustration) Cass. You came all this way to tell me, ultimately, to “be cautious” IF I decide to go somewhere. You’re starting to sound like a gnomish sage. If you want me to do something, then why don’t you just ask!

Cass- Because, when I do ask, you seem to do the exact opposite. So this time, I’m only offering a word of caution. And, you… despite your brutish tactics and unseemly attitude and more than questionable vices… you are doing good in the world Jonathan. Just keep doing that. (Looking to the window) Now. I must go. There are dangerous things happening in the Western Sea of the Sword Coast which requires… “attention”.

Jonathan- Look just come downstairs. Ill introduce you to the rest of the gang, and we can talk about my “travel plans” and…

:: FLAPPING And the dwarf suddenly realized he was talking to himself. ::

Jonathan- I hate that.

The Brinewall Legacy Conclusion: Legacy's Lure
...or: "How do you like me now?"

This session took place over 23 days; 7 days traveling from Karpad to Sandpoint, 14 days traveling to Brinewall Castle, and 2 days of exploration at the Castle.

Ashik Fawkes – Tiefling Bard
Jambro “Battlestout” Winchester – Dwarven Wizard/Priest
Johnny “Courage” Winchester – Dwarven Avenger
Kryspin Kwikstryke – Kender Monk
Warlug – Half-Orc Ranger

Once the Sons returned from Karpad to Sandpoint, they ensured that their caravan was geared up and ready to make the 500 mile trip to Brinewall Castle. The journey would take them north along the Lost Cost Road, through several villages, along the outskirts of the Forest of Lethyr, through the town of Roderic’s Cove, and then along the outer reaches of the Impiltur Nolands before reaching Brinewall. Jambro was sure to have an extra supply of his Dwarven ’shine for trade, while Johnny invested into some spices of (dubious) quality. Along the trip, however, both managed to turn a profit on the goods.

During the 14 day trip, the caravan traversed poor road and weather conditions, met a couple of other smaller caravans running quick routes before winter set in, and encountered goblin raiders. Once the caravan reached Roderic’s Cove, a large raiding party of goblins attacked the town while the Sons were getting ready to leave town. Due to the help the Sons provided, the losses to the people of Roderic’s Cove were spare.

As the journey was nearing Brinewall, the roads became more obviously disused. The chill that had been bracing when the caravan left Sandpoint became biting in Brinewall. The crew noticed that Ameiko was feeling poorly as they got near Brinewall. Once the caravan reached the overgrown trail that lead to Brinewall, Ameiko fell into a coma. Magical investigation revealed that a kami; a guardian spirit of objects, animals, or places; had possessed Ameiko. She was in good health, but unable to be roused (despite Kryspin’s multiple attempts to wake her with a kiss).

In her state, Ameiko seemed only capable of occasionally uttering cryptic phrases: “Beware the birds who wish to fly, but cannot,” “grandfather waits in the dark, but he knows not who he was…” Koya felt certain that whatever was causing Ameiko’s coma would be sorted out in Brinewall Castle. Koya, Lelu, and Whiskey would remain with the caravan and Ameiko, while the Wayward Sons would explore Brinewall Castle and report back.

They found little in the village, besides ruins, but they did find the remains of a glassblowing shop (similar to the Kaijitsu Glassworks in Sandpoint), a Rasheman longship, a cemetery, and the ruins of a temple to Selune. They found trinkets from the glassworks, the longship empty, and then investigated the cemetery. In the cemetery, they found a shrine that would bless water. They also met a cleric of Selune: Spivey, a fey who remained in Brinewall once she discovered the monsters hiding in Brinewall. Anyone who found their way to Brinewall unaware of them would be in grave danger. Spivey chose to remain to deter those who wouldn’t be able to handle the Castle and help those who might have a chance.

After receiving holy water and the promise of healing and safety, the group bade Spivey farewell for the time being to head to the castle.

The Sons found the Castle lightly guarded, relative to a castle. They fought their way past dire corby guards in the gatehouse and courtyard, first. Then they fought an ettercap and his pet spider.


After that battle, the Sons found ogrekin lurking in a side yard. They managed to talk them out of a fight. The ogrekin wouldn’t fight against Brinewall’s residents, but they would leave the party in peace. They also showed the Sons a secret way into the Castle.

Once inside, the party found Buttersnips, a quickling taxidermist. The party quickly discovered the quickling had been capturing and preserving her victims, going through the taxidermy process while they were paralyzed by poison.


The party quickly seized Buttersnips. They decided that she was too dangerous to be allowed to live and put her to death.

They began to explore more of the castle, and were soon set upon by the castle’s ruler: Kikonu. He appeared to be a strange-looking Tian man, wielding a hand-scythe with a length of chain at its end. Along with his corby minions, they attacked the Sons. The battle ranged around the castle as Kikonu teleported about, rousing additional aide and trying to escape the Son’s wrath. More dire corbies, troglodytes, and even a giant water bug beset the Sons: Jambro was temporarily locked down by the mindless water bug. Kryspin remained in position to ensure that Kikonu would not escape the Castle. Warlug, Johnny, and Ashik pressed the fight directly. As the fight began to turn, Kikonu revealed that he was a yamabushi tengu, an oni from Tian Xia.


Kikonu fought while his support was cut down. It was then that Warlug dealt him a blinding blow! Unable to see, the Tengu teleported away, to the top of the castle’s tower. After reforming, the Sons decided to pursue him past the haunt at the tower’s base. On the top floor, the Sons found a priestess of Pazuzu, a demon lord. They dispatched her after a vicious fight. Then they found Kikonu at the top of the tower, with his (former) ally, Zaiobe, a harpy oracle of Pazuzu. The Sons dispatched Kikonu, with Zaiobe shooting at Kikonu as well. She attempted to communicate with the Sons, given her lack of speech. She and the Sons had an altercation, which she tried to escape from. As she was flying away, however, Warlug managed to get into position and loose an expert shot from his bow! The shot struck true and downed the mysterious oracle.

With most of the Castle cleared, the Sons began securing their area: Johnny and the caravan crew cleared a path through the brush to allow the caravan into the castle courtyard. Another haunt was discovered, the wight of the Castle’s previous captain of the guard was found and defeated, as well as the tortured soul of a child who died in the original attack on Brinewall. With these dangers taken care of, the Sons rest for the night before heading into the sub-levels of Brinewall.

The next morning, they went deeper into Brinewall. They cleared more troglodytes from the basement, holdovers who hadn’t run out in the night. After the battle, they rescued a Rashemani woman, a raider who was captured by the residents after her party members were killed in the initial attack: Kelda Oxgutter. Kelda.jpg

She thanked the party, gathered her belongings, and accepted their offer to recover in the caravan. She agreed to work as a guard, hoping that the caravan would find its way back to Kalsgard, her home.

Finally, the Sons were ready to venture even deeper. They found a crypt, where they were visited by an aspect of Kelmvor. The party doubted its veracity, however, and were not lured by its promises of reward for clearing out the crypt. Ashik saw that the ground at the end of the crypt was illusory. It was, in fact, a sheer drop of fifty feet! Worse yet, in the dark of the cave, lurked Nindinzego, the Bastard of Brinewall!


The half-fiend, a twisted mutant of the seed of Pazuzu, had laid claim to Brinewall and its secrets. Living in the darkness beneath Brinewall, he awaited further visions from his absentee father, acting on equal parts faith and madness. Nindinzego aided Kikonu, to what end neither knew, nor were the Sons able to discover it. The battle with the Bastard of Brinewall was short and brutal; Warlug and Ashik both dealt Nindinzego terrible wounds with their bows, while the rest of the Sons provided support and their strength of arms and magic, as well. Despite its terrible power, the Sons strong offensive were too much for Nindinzego to withstand. The Bastard of Brinewall died swiftly.

Plagued by no further hostiles, the Wayward Sons found their way to the secret vault of Brinewall. This last room was guarded by none other than the wraith of Rokuro Kaijitsu, Ameiko’s grandfather. The party invoked the family name, which set the wraith at peace, imparting these last words, “Take the Seal away from here…take it to my child…who is no longer safe…I am no longer worth of guarding it.” With the secret vault’s location pointed out, and with the keys discovered on Nindinzego and Kikonu’s bodies, the Sons finally found the Legacy of Brinewall: three darkwood chests of Tian origin. Inside, they found a magical warding box and the Amatatsu Seal, the potent artifact that acts as protector and symbol of the Amatatsu family’s divine right to rule Minkai, Ameiko’s motherland.

Upon exposing the Amatatsu Seal from the warding box, the kami that had possessed Ameiko immediately returned to the Seal. Ashik, Jambro, Johnny, Kryspin, Warlug, and Ameiko each had shared visions: Fiends with burning eyes and tusks, emerging from a storm to descend upon Tian peoples. Another showed the Emperor Shigure of Minkai murdered by his friend, a man who transformed into an oni wearing jade armor. Yet another showed a young Tian man selling the heirloom Suishen, a powerful sword of the Amatatsu line, to a Rashamani merchant.

When the visions subsided, the Sons feel the mantle of destiny settle upon their shoulders: They have each been chosen as scions of the Amatatsu family, charged with the worth of the line, and the right to rule Minkai. They know that Ameiko is the rightful heir to the rule of Minkai, that Suishen can impart further knowledge of the family and be found in Kalsgard, and they know that the Seal’s power can be traced by the Oni of the Five Storms.

Knowing what they know, and after talking with Ameiko, the Sons decide that going back to Sandpoint would be too dangerous. So, they instead decide to proceed directly to Kalsgard from Brinewall with the provisions they already have. They seek to recover the family sword Suishen, prepare their caravan for the long journey along the Golden Way, and find a guide who can lead them along it.

Prelude to Campaign 2
Go along to get along


Timeline -2 months prior to the destruction of the Licktoad Tribe in Brinestump, the party was finishing out their last year living full time in the town of Sandpoint. The following is the recollection of Jonathan Courage Winchester, with helpful reminders from Kryspin Kwikstryke. Henceforth referred to as “quick” by Jonathan, aka Johnny, aka J. As these journal notes/memories/stories were often recounted after a night of drinking Jambro’s Dwarven moonshine.
With apologies to David Thorne for our R&D.

The following issue was hazily recalled after J and Quick (who shared adjoining rooms at the Dragon Inn, owned by Ameiko, and thus share the same view) sleep was disturbed when the house across the street from the INN had an enhanced ever burning torch installed near the front door, in full view of the Inns windows.

Attempting to be neighborly the Avenger placed a note in the “letter box” of the town Sage/Wizard/book binder. The note read as follows…

Dear neighbor,
We live in the second story of the INN right across the street. Due to your new torch that seems to have been created in Plane of Elemental Fire that is shining through our bedroom window like a small but intense sun, I have removed the torch from your front porch and placed it in your obscenely large letter box. (I guess im luck you are the town book binder in that regard. It actually fits. Wow)

Regards, Jonathan.

P.S. This was a quick last Night conversation between myself and my friend in the adjoining room through the wall.

Quick-OH MY GOD! Did a fireball go off!?

Me-No, it’s the wizard house. He has a new torch. Cocksucker!

(Ignore that last part about the Cocksucker) But I wanted to ensure you understood our pain.

(The following day Amekio gave Jonathan a letter delivered at the INN from the neighbor across the street)

Dear Jonathan,

I received your note but you can’t go onto other people’s property and take things, that’s trespassing. Our point of the town is located near the woods and entrance/exit of town. I installed that torch for security. It’s a safety issue. I can’t help it if some of the light goes across the road, close your curtains if it bothers you.

For your consideration,
Montel the Magnificent
(Reply left in his letter box)

Hello Montel,

Thank you for your letter. While I accept that curtains are usually the key to community accord, in this instance they would need to be constructed of eight-inch-thick lead sheeting welded to the frame by half crazed gnomes with religious determination. Last night, with my curtains closed and bedside light off, I read a book. Wearing my helm. Under a blanket.

Though unconvinced that blinding local fauna is the best solution, I do understand the heightened need for security living in a wooded area so near to the edge of town. Having lived in Cormyr, I am unfamiliar with much of the local wildlife but I did see my first raccoon last week. I stepped outside to have a cigarette and the raccoon, sitting less than five feet away beside an up ended bin eating the remains of Ameiko’s Artisan Tuscan Salami Pizza, hissed at me. Surprised, I threw myself backwards, rolled several times toward the door, and sprang to my feet holding the INN’s welcome-mat over my head to appear taller. (I am a dwarf, in case you didn’t know that). After this display the Raccoon appeared bored and finally left. Which probably isn’t as exciting a story as it should be but this isn’t Waterdeep and I’m not Drizzt Du’ Urden.

(The remainder of the letter is written in the Kenders hand writing)

I did see a snake the other day though. I picked up a stick to poke it with which also turned out to be a snake. Jumping back in panic, I threw it away from me, but our dog and wolf thought I was playing fetch and I had to run and jump over a creek to get away.
As such, this weekend I intend to set up a canister of poisonous gas we found from a secluded cabin near the edge of the swamp last month after we maimed an evil sorcerer and confiscated his items.

There is in fact, a gnome who lives in town and I will be asking him about building an industrial fan so I can put it behind the canister. I can’t help it if some of the gas goes across the road.

Good night!
Kryspin Oh! and Jonathan, in the first part of the letter, he says bye too.
(Response from Montel)

Dear Jonathan and Kryspin,

Is that meant to be a threat? Put something up in your windows if you two don’t like the light, we lived here for 5 years before you Inn Dwellers took up residence in the neighborhood and got along perfectly with Sir Gaylord who lived in your room before you. We went to his BBQ’s and I loaned him our grass cutting machine to trim the hedges of your owners INN. We get along with all our neighbors. I don’t know what you people do in your own country but in this country we don’t go onto other people’s property and touch their stuff.

For your consideration,
Montel the Magnificent

Dear Montel,

In my country, torches that bright would be reserved for warning sailors of hazardous shoals. This is despite the fact that practically every living creature there an kill you outside the city, and we lived in a realm referred to as “The FORREST KINGDOM”. Perhaps you natives of Thesk think our primary spoken language is screaming.

I’m not surprised you get along well with all the other neighbors. If you put fifty Ogres with Down’s syndrome in a room there is going to be a lot of hugging.

And no, it was not a threat. My friend Kryspin was using an exaggerated response to an uncompromising stance. I was taught never to make a threat unless you are prepared to carry it out and I am not a fan of carrying anything when I’m not on a job. Even watching other people carrying things makes me uncomfortable. Mainly because of the possibility they may ask me to help. (I blame my human parents for this in raising me as such)

I did consider installing a torch as bright as yours, but this would require some form of carrying things, Arcane knowledge, and access to a powerful fire elemental capable of producing that amount of light. Perhaps even empowered with hell fire. I am told by my friend Ameiko the Inn keeper this would be very expensive. I can only speculate to what her reaction would be to the cost that would surely equal eight times the INN’s ANNUAL income, just for the purpose of retaliatory garden lighting.

It would be much cheaper to stand on the INN’s porch and throw rocks. I can’t help it if some of the rocks go across the road. You should probably put something up in your window. (I own a shield for instance)powerism2.jpg

Regards, Jonathan.
Dear Jonathan,

Did you take our torch again asshole? What part about not being allowed to go on our property don’t you get?

For your consideration, Montel the Magnificent

(In the Kenders handwriting)

Dear Montel,

No, I did not take the torch again. I DID relocate it again. Its current location may be discovered by deciphering the following set of clues to its whereabouts. Perhaps you could invite your friend Sir Gaylord over and treat it as a kind of treasure hunt:

1- It’s in the letterbox again.
2- Look in the letterbox.

As I realize this probably won’t narrow it down much for you, I will give you a third clue in the form of a riddle. (I like riddles!)

What burns with the light of a thousand suns and is in the letterbox?

BYE BYE!, Kryspin

Dear Kryspin and Jonathan,

I put a regular torch in so you can shut the fuck up now. Don’t send me any further letters. Cease all correspondence. Never trespass on my property again or I will notify the town Constable!

For your consideration, Montel the Magnificent

Dear Montel,

What if we have a BBQ and need to send you an invitation? Is it ok to send you a letter then?

Waiting patiently, Kryspin.

Dear Kryspin,

No. It is NOT ok.

For your consideration, Montel the Magnificent

Dear Montel,

What if I need to borrow your grass cutter for the INN’s Hedge problem? I can’t invite people over for a BBQ and expect them to stand in long grass. Someone might be bitten by a snake the kender was telling you about.

It’s a safety issue.

Regards, Jonathan

Dear Jonathan,


Last letter received…

The Night of Frozen Shadows, Part One: Into the North
...or: Organized Chaos

This session took place over a month. Travel time to Kalsgard was 12 days, and the Wayward Sons have spent 18 days in Kalsgard so far. Autumn in the region around Brinewall was unseasonably cold, with snow already falling. Once the caravan traveled further north, temperatures climbed somewhat as the area around Kalsgard was having a late autumn heat-wave.

Ashik Fawkes – Tiefling Bard
Jambro “Battlestout” Winchester – Dwarven Wizard/Priest
Johnny “Courage” Winchester – Dwarven Avenger
Kryspin Kwikstryke – Kender Monk
Warlug – Half-Orc Ranger

The Wayward Sons and their caravan were in the Brinewall Castle courtyard. The Sons, along with Ameiko Kaijitsu (or Amatatsu Ameiko), had just experienced visions granted to them by the Amatatsu Seal, a powerful artifact discovered in the secret vault under Brinewall Castle. in their vision, they saw the Kaijitsu/Amatatsu family sword Suishen being sold to a Rashaman merchant years past. After discussing their plan with Ameiko, the Sons and the caravan decide that going back to Sandpoint would be too risky. With the Seal possibly being tracked by the Oni of the Five Storms, personally taking care of unfinished business in Sandpoint isn’t a viable option. Instead, the Sons decide to head straight for Kalsgard.

Three days into their travels, the caravan was beset by a storm. Wind, freezing rain, and snow began falling heavily. While Warlug was scouting ahead, he noticed four winged humanoids flying toward the caravan. As the flying figures neared them, the storm’s violence increased. The Sons were being attacked by Hala demons!


With Warlug’s warning and Whiskey’s leadership, the caravans were circled up to protect the travelers from the aerial attack. The Halas called down hailstones first, then dove down to attack the Sons. The cover of the wagons protected them from the hailstones, which forced the Halas to more direct attacks. While Ameiko readied attacks against the Halas as they swept down, and Warlug and Johnny used their ranged weapons against the fiends, Mogmurch the goblin began throwing his bombs against the demons as they flew by. Unfortunately, the goblin’s aim was never true; his bombs started several small fires in the surrounding forest.


As the Wayward Sons dug in their heels, their defensive tactics began to pay off. Kryspin was able to taunt a couple of the Halas. Johnny channeled divine authority to compel one to land in an advantageous position for the group. Warlug began using magical outsider bane arrows on the Halas. Ashik’s continued improvisational hate-fueled spoken word bolstered the group’s resolve. That is, until a Hala swept by and began to carry Ashik to the quickly spreading fire started by Mogmurch! Warlug boldly fired at the demon carrying Ashik toward the fire, only to strike Ashik instead! A prayer from Jambro mended some of Ashik’s hurt, while Kryspin taunted the Hala carrying Ashik. Ashik was dropped into the edge of the fire, but avoided the worst of it. “That’s not my fault, it’s how it goes!” being the oft-heard cry from Mogmurch’s hiding place under the supply wagon.

In spite of Mogmurch’s attempts to help, with the group now united in their defense, the Hala demons couldn’t stand up to them. The Sons defeated the Halas and recovered the covetous demons ill-gotten goods. Once they got the fire under control, they got back under way and on the trail.

They soon ran into a familiar face on the road: Jack Burton and the Porkchop Express. The Porkchop Express was heading toward Kalsgard, as well, laden with guns from the western dwarven clans for sale. Traveling with Jack was a wizard named Morokei. Jack and the Sons decided to travel together the rest of the way to Kalsgard.


As the united caravan was drawing near to Kalsgard, they heard the sound of thunder over a nearby hill. The sound resolved into a rampage of rhinos! The caravan circled up and defended themselves as best they could from the power of the stampeding beasts. Once the animals had passed them by, the caravan was in need of serious repairs, which were tended to by Ashik’s mending spell, over the course of hours.

Two days outside of Kalsgard, the group noticed the ubiquitous ravens were flocking ever more closely. Jambro noticed a single raven, one as large as a small dog, with a single blood-red feather on its chest. Once noticed, the raven disappeared into the flock. Brevelek and Vankor both commented on the raven’s appearance as a bad omen.

That night, while camped at the crossing of the Skalsbridge, raiders dispatched from Kalsgard crept up to the camp in quieted boats. Despite their precaution, Ashik heard the noise of the raiders soon enough to give the Sons a few precious moments to prepare for the hostile’s arrival. Warlug prepared his bow, Johnny and Kryspin a defense, and Ashik began to invoke his performance. Jambro gave Kryspin night sight and then unleashed the first of several fireball spells at the raiders.

Even with the advantage of numbers, the Rashamani raiders were broken against the Wayward Sons. The Sons discovered that the fallen members of the raiding party each wore distinctive golden arm-rings: The rings each had the head of a lion on them. Further up-river, the Sons found the raider’s longboat, Aril’s Hammer. They briefly discussed keeping the longship, but decided (partly on Morokei’s advice) that the ship would be difficult to bring into Kalsgard and dangerous to try to sell, being that it belonged to someone. Johnny and the caravan members gathered the dead, put them on the longship, and set them off down-river in a blazing funeral pyre.


After resting for the night, and tending to Jack’s friend who had dropped from a grievous ax-blow, the Sons and Co. made the final push into Kalsgard. They found themselves in a metropolis, a bustling commercial hub on the shores of Lakes Ashane and Mulsantir. The Wayward Sons caravan, along with the Porkchop Express, found their way to the Bone Quarter. Johnny, disturbed at the hunger and despair symptomatic of the quarter’s poverty, immediately set out to start making deals to begin employing more people. Warlug began his own exploration of the city, heading toward the Jade Quarter. Ashik similarly began his own exploration. Jambro went out on a sales call, seeing how the peoples of Kalsgard took to dwarven ’shine. Kryspin went off investigating about the lion-headed arm bands. Mogmurch took it upon himself to help Jambro with his sales: he found a local Gnomish distillery, which produced a whiskey called Throatburn. Mogmurch attempted to set the building on fire, and was promptly seized by city guards.


Kryspin and Ashik independently learned of Mogmurch’s arrest, both of whom went to take care of the problem, in their way. Kryspin was arrested while trying to break Mogmurch out. But as luck would have it, a guard had slipped Kryspin a key in the struggle. Clearing knowing that Kryspin had committed no crime, and that even Mogmurch surely was repentant for his attempted crime. The Kender monk had little problem getting the two of them out of prison. One holocaust cloak later, and they were quickly out of the Stone Quarter and found their way back to the Bone Quarter.

While this had been going on, Ashik had also learned that shadowy people about town had been asking questions about the Sons. He was unable to learn more tangible information than that, however. After going by the jail and finding Kryspin and Mogmurch both gone, he began to head back to the Inn the Sons were staying at. On his way there, he was attacked by a rooftop sniper! He was hit once, but quickly found his way into cover. After spending time evading the mysterious attacker and using magic to disguise himself, Ashik made his way back to Johnny.

Before Johnny was re-joined by his comrades, he was confronted by a drunken man. The man, Gorvald, claimed that his favorite hunting hound was poisoned by Johnny. He demanded payment and an apology. Johnny was able to calm the man down and get more information from him. Gorvald was told by a hooded stranger, but once confronted about the facts, realized he had no grounds to accuse Johnny of the crime. Gorvald apologized and offered a small payment for making such a claim without proper proof.

When they were all back at the Inn, they decided to go out and check on Warlug, who no one had seen since they had gotten to Kalsgard (a few days had passed at this point).

Warlug, meanwhile, saw that he was being shadowed. Warlug used his ranger skills to not just lose his shadow, but ambush it! He was face to face with a Tian boy, no older than 15, named Kei. kei.jpg

Kei freely admitted to having followed Warlug and other members of the Sons. He said that a hooded man was paying him 5 gold pieces a day to keep an eye on them and leave a short written report under a hiding place in the Jade Quarter. Warlug demanded Kei lead him there, which he did. Once there, they found the barrel Kei reported under moved, and they were leaving by means of an alley when they were jumped. Warlug and Kei immediately went back to back, as eight tattooed, club and knife wielding thugs meant to kill either or both of them. While he was heavily out-numbered, with Kei’s quick help (mostly by distracting a few of the thugs) Warlug was able to beat down the thugs through brute force. A captured thug revealed that they received their orders from a hooded man in a tea house, the Golden Leaves. Kei knew where that was, and lead him there.

Once inside, Warlug accepted the hospitality of the hosts. That turned out to be a mistake, however, as his tea was poisoned. Warlug began to sense something was amiss just as he lost consciousness.

Outside, Johnny, Kryspin, Ashik, and Mogmurch were on the run from the law from a second arson attempt. This time, Mogmurch set a ramen stand ablaze with a torch he managed to get his hot little hands on. While another intentional fire was possibly spreading, Ashik noticed men in black bodysuits dragging and unconscious Warlug into the back of a wagon. They charged in, fighting with the ninjas of the Frozen Shadow Clan.


The ninjas were forced to retreat, but managed to get away with Warlug and they left no bodies behind in the smoke.

Once the Sons returned to the caravan, they put Mogmurch in a kennel with strict instructions to Whiskey to keep him out of trouble. Kryspin began chasing down another lead, trying to discover exactly where Warlug was being held. Johnny and Ashik went to go check on the sword _Suishen_’s location, to talk with Fynn Snaevald, who bought the sword nearly fifty years before.


After finding out that Fynn had been burglarized, with only Suishen missing, the Fynn and the Sons came to an agreement: If Suishen were recovered, it would almost certainly repay the blood vengeance owed Fynn. Since he cannot pursue his own ends in this, he would award the party with Suishen should they recover it in his name. They agreed to those terms, and Johnny and Ashik left after discovering the name of the man who sent the raiding party after them: Asvig Longthews. They also learned the general location of Asvig’s farmstead. They left, ready to meet up with Kryspin again, hopefully knowing where Warlug was being held, now.

Once they left, however, they were attacked by a ninja assassin! First, a trio of poison darts hit Ashik, then exploding shuriken briefly ignited Johnny. Once the duo got their bearings, they saw five ninjas hiding in the rafters of a nearby building’s overhang. The battle’s distance was closed up, as Johnny channeled his divine gifts to teleport the distance needed to close to melee. Ashik quickly moved up to back him up. After an intense fight and some serious prayer, they were able to weaken the assassin enough to put her to sleep. They bypassed the traps on her gear and took her bodysuit and weapons away. They burned a writ they found giving her emergency power to act signed by the King himself!

Simultaneously, Kryspin was in for a fight, as well. He was attacked by the same rooftop sniper that had attacked Ashik earlier. Kryspin closed the distance and began fighting her on the rooftop. Though she was a strong opponent, she sensed that Kryspin would take the fight. She took a moment that he offered her and the two spoke. In exchange for enough money to leave the city with, she told him that a man named Jorgan the Axe paid her to kill one or more members of Kryspin’s party. She agreed to take Kryspin’s money and leave town.


Johnny and Ashik took their downed opponent to the City Watch. She nearly escaped the bonds that Johnny had placed her in. She was arrested, but the Sons heard that she escaped jail that very night. Whether they may face her again seems a forgone conclusion, the only question is under what circumstances.

At this point, the Sons have spent a total of 18 days in Kalsgard. Warlug was kidnapped yesterday. Mogmurch is still a wanted fugitive from the law. The raiding party that attacked the Sons was sent by a chieftain named Asvig Longthews, who holds a farmstead a couple hours walk from Kalsgard. Suishen was taken, most likely by ninjas of the Frozen Shadow clan. You all know that the Frozen Shadows are a clan of assassins, thieves, and spies from Tian Xia. Also, you all realize that you haven’t seen Jambro for nearly a week and a half.

Jambro won nearly 2,500 gold pieces in a game of Tian Xia dominoes at that time. He’s been in the Lily Bloom Pleasure House the entire time, in various stages of intoxication, enjoying the company of Iriyama Noriko, a courtesan.


Jambro's Jamboree

::The click click click of tiles echoed in the den of iniquity as Jambro downed another shot of Dwarven shine. He eyed the table as a sense of hyper clarity washed over him‚ Hanseath had blessed him surely. He knew each piece his opponents held. He knew who were weak and who he would eventually face at the end. He knew that he would win this tournament..

His demeanor never showed this. In fact his opponents all thought him so drunk that he was not a threat. Little did they know that in his hazy drunkenness their downfall was set.

It flowed as he had envisioned. The elf took out the other dwarf at the table that he knew he did not want to face and then the human went out and then the other human. Now it was time for the elf to go and he would have to face the old timer human that had shown skill and discipline. The elf had served his purpose. Jambro purposely added coin to the pot with a weak hand. Knowing the haughty elf would not resist the chance to take the remaining human and Jambro out. The elf took the bait and Jambro quickly folded out of the round. Leaving the human and elf to battle it out.. The elf lost the round and it Jambro and an old human. Jambro had been studying him the whole game and could sense the old timers fear and insecurity. Jambro knew if he played patience it would pay off. Several tiles and rounds passed. With the Human doing as Jambro predicted pushing at the slight sense of superiority..

Suddenly a tingle flurried in his head as he looked upon his new tiles. They were not so strong but he remembered an old friends sharing of wisdom and that along with his tingling gut decided to call the large bet by his opponent..

The tiles flipped and his heart raced. He hit a trifecta. Least he thought he did.. Heart racing he did not want to look at his tiles twice for fear of giving a tale so simply passed as did his opponent. The next turn came and he had hit quads.. least he thought he did. still not wanting to show weakness He calmly passed and sure enough his opponent pushed in all his coin.

Jambro paused and took a drink. Then he glanced at his tiles to make sure he had what he thought he had… Sure enough he had the nuts! and calmly called the bet…. coins counted Jambro had one gold coin extra… Tiles were flipped over and Jambro showed the Nut Quads which his opponent had a pocket pair of fours giving him a full boat but lost to Jambro’s Quads.. The final tile of the board played out giving another 4 and everyone gasped at fact if Jambro had not hit that quad on the turn he would have lost on the river with the a full house 4’s over 3’s …

Surrealness washed over everyone.. The old timer human shook Jambro’s hand giving respect as did Jambro… Almost 2500 gold coin was one… Jambro being a Dwaf’s Dwarf of course bought the tavern a round…

While people scrambled to take advantage of the hospitality Jambro slipped over to the bathroom to relieve himself and to cast from a prepared scroll bugmans mug.. A secret spell of Hanseath to cure the effects of drunkeness and hangovers..

Jambro says a prayer and thanks to Hanseath for his wisdom and guidance and returns to the party to start over his night of carousing‚ paying homage to Hanseath… :::

Iriyama Noriko

::Jambro grasped Iriyama by her hair and pulled her close. Iriyama crumbled against yielding to his grasp as he pulled her close and kissed her deeply:: Woman I’m a winner tonight and this stack of gold coins and you are my prize…

::Iriyama smiled as she enjoyed his dominance and confidence:: Yes Master Grand Wizard. You honor me with your affection and I strive to please you always…

::Jambro eyes her as his instinctive paranoia questions her words…. He accepts them cautiously. Grasping her closely and giving her a deep kiss:: Aye we shall see lassie we shall see ::spanks her ass firmly and walks away::


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