Celdoriath's Clarion

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Celdoriath’s Clarion is a spiraled silver trumpet, with intricate Elven script that reads “giving succor” and “friends shall answer the call.” It has a pale ivory mouthpiece, and an emerald-studded leather baldric so it can be slung over the shoulder. It is similar to an Elven scout’s horn, but of one-of-a-kind masterwork quality. The mundane version of this horn would be used by scouts and outriders to maintain communication over long distances. This horn either belonged to a wealthy scout or one who was honored tremendously. Elven monarchs honor their most loyal, trusted, and able scouts with silvered horns. However, one of this quality is surely in recognition of deeds beyond the call of duty.

Celdoriath was a ranger serving as a scout in the forces of the Elven king Aldonar, the ruler of an enormous and ancient forest realm in Cormanthor. Though Celdoriath was a low-ranking soldier in his king’s army, he was in love with Aldonar’s daughter, Indiriel. More significantly, Princess Indiriel loved Celdoriath in return. Her father refused to allow her to marry so far beneath her station, however. Celdoriath resigned himself to his king’s wishes and abandoned his hopes of marrying Indiriel. Instead, he threw himself wholly into his duties as scout. He spent through months tracking an orc horde along the borders of Cormanthor during a fierce winter blizzard. Three elves under his command died of the bitter cold, but he was able to gather enough intelligence on their movements and deployment that the regular army routed the orcs with few losses.

In recognition for his service to the realm, Celdoriath was awarded a silver trumpet and the honorary title “Knight Guardian of the Realm.” Along with this honor, however, he was reprimanded and discharged for the reckless sacrifice of his three subordinates. The king would not ignore Celdoriath’s heroic deeds, but neither did he want the ranger to rise high enough in the ranks to have a legitimate case to petition for Indiriel’s hand.

Ashik has learned the first ritual necessary to begin unlocking the powers of Celdoriath’s Clarion. You must complete Vital Intelligence by procuring intelligence vital to your group at great personal risk. You should procure this information alone or with no more than two others. This information should help snatch victory from defeat, avoid a great danger, or be of some other significance to those you are loyal to. Once done, you must sacrifice 1,200 gp to complete the ritual. Then you qualify for the Least Legacy feat.

Omen: Any music played on Celdoriath’s Clarion is clear, sweet, and hauntingly beautiful. Furthermore, the instrument never tarnishes or shows any sign of wear during regular use. It remains as bright and unsullied as the day it was crafted.

Inherent: You gain advantage on Perform checks made to use Celdoriath’s Clarion.
5th: Strengthen Resolve: 2/day, a bright set of notes played on the horn grants allies 10 Temporary Hit Points. These THP last for 1 minute, and are lost first when taking damage.

6th: Lose 2 hit points. Once per encounter, take disadvantage on one skill check of DM’s choice. Fell Blast: By blowing a harsh note, you demoralize enemies within 50 ft as the bane spell. The DC is at your spellcasting DC.

7th: Summon Least Ally: Once per day, you may blow the horn to use Summon Monster III.

8th: Once per encounter, take disadvantage on a saving throw of DM’s choice.

9th: Call Compatriot Once per day, you may sound a might blast on Celdoriath’s Clarion. The blast sends a call out to up to ten creatures that you designate who are within 5 miles. The designated creature automatically hears the call, and may receive a message from you of twenty five words or less. The recipients of this call are not compelled to answer, nor do you know if they are going to listen or follow through with your message.

Celdoriath's Clarion

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