Magic Items

Cloak of Resistance – (Gifted to Warlug from Walthus Proudstump) You may gain advantage on a saving throw once per day.

Whispering Shrike – (Belonged to Tsutamu, who became the skeletal champion in Brinestump Cavern) A +1 Wakizashi (short sword): Also, once per day the wielder may cast Shield Other on any creature touched by the blade as a standard action. (As Shield of Fath, but it lasts for 1 minute, no concentration required)

+1 Light Steel Shield of Light Fortification – (Found by Johnny) A +1 light shield (Magic bonuses from shields and armor don’t stack, fyi) which, once per day, negates a critical hit.

The Amatatsu Seal – One of the five royal seals of Minkai. It is capable, at its discretion, to invest those worthy with the right to rule as an Amatatsu of Minkai. The Seal has a daily allotment of five charges which may be used to cast Cure as a 3rd level spell, Remove Disease, Remove Curse, or Restoration for one charge each. The Seal can use all five charges to instantly heal 150 hit points of an Amatatsu scion. Finally, and only at the Seal’s discretion, it can cast Resurrection on an Amatatsu Scion, but that renders its charges unusable for a month.
The strong magic the Seal radiates can be traced across continents, by those with the means. This was originally intended so that stealing the artifact would be useless, as its owners would be able to track it down. Now, however, it means that the Oni of the Five Storms can track it, as well.
Lastly, the Amatatsu Seal cannot be transported by teleportation or dimensional travel. It cannot be taken from the Prime Material except by special portals blessed by the gods. Carrying the Seal restricts characters from using teleportation or dimensional travel.

The Warding Box – This box can hold up to three items of 8×8×3 inches (of which the Amatatsu Seal is one) inside its compartments. Once inside, no object may be scryed or discovered through divination short of that used by the gods directly.

Magic Items

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