The Jade Regent

Another town, another bbq party

Johnny gets on his soap box


Another day, another village in search of Jiro the Hero and his band of Ronin. For the past several days the group had traveled south out of the forest and into the outskirts of Northern Minkai. The caravan stopped at hamlets, village, and towns. Like much of his life, he felt his current predicament a matter determined by the hand of fate, and his resolute belief in choice regarding how he would alter that course. The strong salt water air blasted him in the face, blowing his beard to the side as he moved through a throng of people surrounding the caravan. More had come to this town, they were making progress in their search and in their message. The sun hung low, hazy through a thick and gritty cloud of dust swept up from the town’s dirt road. He made his way up the steps of a small and awkward stage where local merchants or the town crier made use for weekly announcements. He sighs heavily, wondering if these people simply show up to listen, and then go back to the predictable and safety of anonymity in a country on the verge of a major transition. He craned his neck up looking back over the hundred or so people in attendance, mostly farmers, serfs, peasants… these people are not going to rise up. They already appear defeated. He could see the sense of loss in their eyes, the apathy and indifference showing from their body language and posture… but he and his friends had come so far. He would not turn away. He allowed the moment of weakness to pass over him, took a deep breath, and walked across the make shift stage to address the people.

My name is Sir Jonathan Winchester. Avenger in the service of Torm the almighty. Purple Dragon Knight to the shining city on a hill known as Suzail, in the Greatest Country of the West, Cormyr. Wielder of the angelic blade Merikel. And Sion to the house of Kaijitsu.

::The dwarf bends down and picks of a flag depicting a purple dragon over a field of silver::


::The dwarf takes a long moment as he slowly looks out at the crowd, a low murmur passed over it, with expressions ranging from genuine interest to total confusion::

We stand in the shadow of greater might. As the Jade Regent’s empire casts across the lives of every man, every woman, and every young-in; condemning ya’ll to a darkness of indentured servitude and ignorance. He elevates himself while ya’ll are forced to toil and suffer while any real alternative is kept from your knowing…such as the rightful heir Ameiko Kaijitsu. I know this man uses dishonorable tactics and sends others to kill for him, a cowards choice, while he sits upon a throne of gold. I know men such as these my entire adult life… those who seek to place a boot upon the throat of liberty, and I know that they will fall to the war cry of freedom!!

::The crowd begins to move about. Building momentum he raises his voice, continuing in his foreign southern cormyrian accent, using the language of the east via a magic spell.::

Oh, hell yeah!! It doesn’t matter what the Imperial Herald says, uh-uh, and it don’t matter none what the nobles have to say, or if all of Menkai decides that something wrong is something right. I hail from a nation that believes you stand up for what you believe, no matter the odds or the consequences. I believe you should have that same option. The Jade Regent intends to assume the throne permanently. Whether he feigns ignorance or outright ignores Ameiko’s claim for his own intentions a lie doesn’t become truth, wrong doesn’t become right and evil doesn’t become good, just because it’s accepted by a majority.

::The crowd erupts into moderate cheers and raised hands. The dwarf bounces on his heel’s briskly and moves from one side of the stage to the center and draws his sword from over his shoulder, a sound of broken glass mixed with a high pitched chime booms forth, simultaneously erupting into a bright white hot light emanating from the blade, casting a glow over the crowd::

When Lords, Samurai, and the Jade Regent himself tell you to move, your job is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth, and tell the whole Empire… “No. You Move.”.

::Cheers and applause. He makes his way off strange and shakes hands with several people near the road were several members of the caravan are cooking, playing music instruments, and speaking with the locals::

All right, all right, all right!! Now let’s eat… (Points over to caravan) I want ya’ll to try some back home BBQ. Dinner is on us…My Brother makes a mean set of ribs, the sauce will knock you on yer ass. You had sweet tea? Not like how I make it now. Come on now! (Pronounced cum own)

we got enough for everyone.

::takes a long pause::

Uhh, nobody here any Ninja’s are ye? ::crickets:: Good. Lets eat!!bbq.jpg


We take some of the treasure and dump it into food/festival supplies…

Another town, another bbq party

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