The Jade Regent

Night of Frozen Shadows: Part Three (POST SCENE)

A few days after slaying Kimandatsu and Goti

Time reference – (One day after leaving the Viking city, heading back to the Ninja Fortress to pick up his friends and supplies at the fortress.)

::The Dwarven Avenger Jonathan sat on the side of the road were the Caravan was parked for the night. Listeing to the Caravans blacksmith talk as he pounded his new plate armor into a size that would fit, he realized he was thinking of his mentor Hector the lesser. He also realized he was ignoring the blacksmith::

Blacksmith- Hey? I boring you over here?

Jonathan- Ugh, No. Sorry.

Blacksmith- I said it must be one hell of a life doing what you all do. You are Paladin Right?

Jonathan- Im an Avenger. It’s complicated.

Blacksmith- That’s one hell of a life, I hear a lot about your hero types. That life must be like living in a whirlwind huh?

::Jonathan stared into the fire and thought on the past::

…The aging avenger stalked forward, head first, shoving past the Noble’s body guard who simultaneously found himself engaged with a young dwarf in Cormyrian armor. The older man, a human, rounded a long table shoving past men attempting to rise from their chairs, he stopped near the end slapping aside a knife strike and grabbing hold of the robbed man by his collar, yanking him from his seat. The sound of ripping silk was drowned out by a long wail of pain as he dug is thumb up and over the noble’s collar bone. The Waterdeep noble, attempting to regain his composure yelled in protest, but was only slammed into an expensive framed portrait over an ornately carved coffee table for his trouble. Looking into the old man’s face, his eyes narrowing as he stared intently, he stifled the obvious question as to why the older man was here. As if knowing what he was going to say first, the older and larger man squeezed harder for it.

Hector the lesser (HTL)- Yeah… (Wheezing), yeah, it was you all right. (With his free hand he slowly reached down into a small sack and withdrew a gem with a strange yellow stain, showing it to the noble)

Lord Oldermounger – (eye widening in terror) Look, I only make the devices for them. I normally don’t participate in the , ugh… (Wincing in pain) All right! I sent them to kill you. You wouldn’t hear reason!

HTL- Your assassin had a message for you after I took his sword thumb in lieu of his life. He swore an oath to take up farming. Said he didn’t want your payment either. (Places the stone in the Nobles pocket) He said you were going to get it worse than anyone for what you did to that Ship Captain.


::The nobles eyes grow wide a second time, his stuttering interrupted by the sound of broken furniture and a sharp groan of protest followed by a half strangled scream…then silence. The old avenger turned to look over his should and saw the young dwarf, covered in blood from a gash across his forehead, and knife protruding from his left shoulder atop the body guard who’s head was grotesquely twisted in the opposite direction of his prostrate body. The younger dwarf, with a dumbfounded expression, slumped back into a bar stool staring at the dead man’s head with one eye squinting through the blood seeping down his face. Slowly he turned his attention back to the noble::

HTL- (grunting) I found what was left of her. The priests used your machine on her and a few others. Not that you give a damn. They told me what you gone and done… I believe em.

::the Noble attempted to protest and received a harsh glare::

HTL- “*Don’t*” L…I…E. (Gulping the Noble only squirmed) How you cut up her face, cut her eyes out, cut her fingers off, and… the rest of it. You know. You know, what’s coming now…

Lord Oldermounger- I am Lord Oldermounger! Son of Gond himself! Known before all men of Waterdeep for the study of crafty designs, and my fame goes up to the heavens! You will be cursed by the GODS! YOU HAVE NO…

::The young dwarf, pulling himself up by the bar with his good arm, could hear the noble man speaking in a hushed and frantic tone followed by a horrendous and prolonged scream. He noticed the other patrons of the establishment huddled in fear in the corner, behind tables and furniture, some staring on in horror at what was happening to the yelling man, one woman screamed, and ran from the room… staggering from the loss of blood and leaning against the bar, the dwarf turned his head away, as if it would shield him from the horrible screams for help coupled with the gurgling and sound of intermittent splattering sounds of something falling to the floor. Finally it stopped and the sound of the nobles body hit the floor like a lead weight. Looking at the wooden bar, the young dwarf could hear the scrapping sound of the older man’s boots as he limped over and sat next to him at the bar. Reaching over, with effort, he retrieved an overturned and half empty shot glass and poured himself a drink from a bottle that was left on the counter. Looking past the young dwarf who stood next to him at the man lying dead on the floor atop a mound of broken glass from a shattered table, he slowly turned his attention back to the dwarf at his side::

HTL- That the one killed your friend Yergey?

::nodding, the dwarf allowed himself to let go. His shoulder sagged and he buried his face atop his gauntlets. Sitting up straight the older man, stiffened, then sighed and nodded once, pouring another shot::

HTL- It’s a hell of a thing to do. Killing men. You take what he has and everything he will ever be.

Jonathan- He had it coming…

HTL- (staring off, his face softening. He slowly placed a hand on the dwarfs shoulder) We all have it coming, son.

::The older Avenger, sensing something, lurched from his chair and withdrew a glowing white blade as four men entered the large parlor room, dressed in city guard attire, the fourth man wearing a red cape and decorative armor slowly began to take in the entire room, mouth agape, he finally rested his gaze at HTL. Behind him two additional guards carried in a man appearing to have been run over by a wagon, his head wrapped in what appeared to be what’s left of his sleeve and his right arm dangled at his side. Looking around he slowly pointed forward at HTL with his left::

Unknown man: “It was him”. (almost a whimper)

Captain of the Guard- Hector! I thought you were dead. I heard a storm giant cracked your head open.

HTL- Hello Tully. Yeah, that what you heard? I thought I was dead too. It turns out I was just living in Amn.

Guard: (helping to put the injured man he carried into the room on the floor and turning to HTL in anger) You just kicked the shit out of an innocent man!

HTL- (sneering) Innocent? Innocent of what?

Jonathan- Actually it was me.


Jonathan- I busted his leg with a shovel. (glaring at the sitting man) because I couldn’t pull my hammer out of the owners head in time to see the job done before he crawled off…

Unknown man- (sitting up straight, favoring his arm and screaming hoarsely) You cowardly bastard! You killed my employer, an unarmed man!

Jonathan- Maybe he should have armed himself then!!! If he’s supporting human trafficking, and taken part in torturing my friend Yergey to death. (Forcefully spits at him)

Unknown man-(wiping saliva and blood out of his eye) Mother Fucker!!

Guard No 1.- He’s. He’s dead sir. (the sound of another guard retching near the noble’s body is heard in the background) He’s DEAD.

Captain of the Guard- (looking for himself) GODS! Hector… Do you know who this was?

HTL- I didn’t kill him out of meanness…

::shrugging, HTL turned to gather up his apprentice from the bar and started moving toward the door::

Captain of the guard- (spinning toward him) This man was the son of a council member! A Prominent family of influence. I can’t let this go.

HTL-(gravily voice) You may find his hard to believe. But, I’m not really interested in his family tree or what club his mom belongs to in the city…

Captain of the guard- GODS DAMIT, HOLD! You’re under arrest.

HTL- (holding up a mailed fist) The laws of God, are higher than the laws of man.

Captain of the Guard- What?

HTL-(turning to the Captain) You gotta know, as a Knight and Paladin I tell you true these men offenses were beyond a pardon. They tortured, murdered, mutilated…and did it all, not just for money and status, but also at the command and glory of an Evil God.

Captain of the Guard-That’s not my concern. By section 12 of the Code of the Waterdhaviean authority I…

HTL- IF you are NETURAL on situations of INJUSTICE, you have chosen the side of the OPPRESSOR.

Captain of the guard- Arrest them, take those men into…

HTL- “NO”. (Slamming his fist into his chest)

::The word carried with it a weight of a dragon on the minds of the men around them. The sound that emanated from the old Avenger was not human, and could not be described by those who heard it for they had never heard such an astonishing and yet terrifying sound in their lives. A circle of brilliant white glarring light flared around HTL gauntlets and exploded in an expanding circle around the entire room, engulfing its occupants. Their bodies crumpled to the floor, some dropping to their knees, tears streaming down their cheeks, sobbing uncontrollably as the noise turned to wails of anguish. The old Avenger turning on his heel, collecting his protégé, stepped over one of the guards at the entrance who professed his remorse::

Guard no. 2- I’m sorry. I’m so sorry for all I have done…please. Forgive. (hands covering his face)

::The two Avengers limped down the hall, arm in arm, out into the street where a small group of people had congregated to find out what had happened to call down the guards. Several men lay near the entrance, beaten badly or dead. The older man half dragged the dwarf to what appeared to be a high styled coach that had previously been owned by Lord Oldermounger. The coach tilted at an awkward angle, as it rested partially over the body of a half-elf who legs stuck out the side….::

HTL- I always wanted to ride in one of these.

Jonathan- I bet he got some gold in the back. A parting gift?

HTL-Well hell, after we get where were going we can just sell it. It’s not like we get any help from the church. Financing our little pursuits have left us in a bad way kid.

Jonathan-You’ll get no argument from me. Lets just get the hell out of here…(sleep took him)

::looking away from the flames, Jonathan looked over at the armorer who had just finished his armor, snapping himself back to the present.::

Blacksmith- That’s one hell of a life, I hear a lot about your hero types. That life must be like living in a whirlwind huh?

::Jonathan looked up at the blacksmith with dead eyes, a coldness in his voice::

Jonathan- When you come out of the storm you won’t be the same person that walked in. That’s what the storm is all about.

::The two men sat in silence as the blacksmith hammer ringed out into the night::


This was a type of origin story for my guy showcasing his first real fore into battles, who trained him, and why he hates Bane more so than a standard reason for any Tormite to hate Bane. It’s also personal.

I like how someone can see a characters transition’s. Plus its cool to have Clint Eastwood as a Mentor. heh.


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