Weapons of Legacy

Excalibur, The Green Destiny, The Holy Avenger, The One Ring, The Staff of the Magus…all items of immense power. Ages might be named for them, their names synonymous with power, destiny, and characters of mythic proportion. Items of such power decide the fate of lives, nations, and entire worlds.

Such items will be available to you, should you decide to take one up.

Legacy items grant powerful abilities, but at a personal cost to the wielder: Besides the time and effort to discover the hidden power of your Legacy item, you must sacrifice feats, proficiency bonuses to some skills, hit points, or spells slots. The powers granted by a Legacy item will be above what is available normally, though.

Think of them as artifacts, but you gradually gain the powers of the item level by level. In game terms, Legacy items require that you make particular sacrifices in order to use the boons the item grants at certain levels. A powerful sword might require you to sacrifice ten HP, or accept disadvantage on attack, skill or save rolls. But those will be spread out over several levels. The benefits and penalties only accrue when you have the feat to use the weapon. Otherwise, a Legacy item has standard statistics.

Standard magic items will be available to you, as well: Potions, wands, scrolls, +1 items (or +2 at higher levels), and wondrous items will be part of treasure and rewards as any game. However, the most powerful items will be Legacy items.

Here’s an example from the book: Desert Wind is a scimitar of masterwork quality. When you grip the hilt of the weapon, you feel a soft, warm breeze scented with date palms and exotic spices. In battle, you notice the blade glows hot. Anyone who wields Desert Wind treats it as a +1 Scimitar that deals an additional point of fire damage on a hit.

A successful Knowledge History check would determine the sword was made for a powerful Mulhorandi merchant lord. The sword was made from steel from the Elemental Plane of Earth and forged by an efreeti weaponsmith on the Elemental Plane of FIre. You learn of a ritual that would unlock the greater potential of the weapon. If you immerse the blade in molten lava (or magical fires that are hotter), you can take the feat Least Legacy. Once done, you can use the special powers of the blade.

At fifth level, you gain the constant benefit of an endure elements spell.

At sixth level, you can cast burning hands three times per day with the sword in hand. At sixth level, you must sacrifice 2 hit points.

At seventh level, you increase your Dexterity to 19. At 14th level, it would become a 21. At 17th level, your Dexterity would become 23. At this level, you would take disadvantage to an attack roll once per encounter. You would take disadvantage to a skill roll once per encounter.

At eighth level, you draw Desert Wind as a free action. You may also draw it on an enemy’s turn. You also take disadvantage on one saving throw per encounter.

At ninth level, Desert Wind becomes a +2 scimitar. You lose 2 hit points.

10th level has no benefits or drawbacks. The gain benefits from 11th to 16th level, you must learn more details of the weapon’s history and perform the appropriate ritual.

Weapons of Legacy

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