Ameiko's Tales of the Fallen

Ameiko’s Tales of the Fallen

Every person deserves their story to be told. Every person, creature and enemy was once a child, a parent or had once noble purpose. As my companions and I continue our march towards Minkai, a terrible army and horrifying enemies plot our demise. Yet, they too are part of the great wheel of life. The stories below are of those who have fallen on my quest for destiny. Enemies or not, they have shaped us and the world around them.

Kikonu, the Wayward Storm General

Kikonu.jpgKikonu Least of the Storm Generals: Kikonu decided to cut ties with his brethren and stayed at Brinewall Castle to become Lord over the corbies and other monstrous denizens.

Over time, the Yamabashi Tengu Oni grew to feel pride in his monstrous kingdom and even accepted the troll-kin who came for he knew that his greatest defense was secrecy. Whenever treasure hunters would arrive, he would use magic and his beasts to make the place seem haunted or lure them into the depths where the Bastard of Brinewall lurked.

Kikonu loved literature and live performances but was cursed to never be able to create even a mediocre piece in either. His rage in this was felt by all his minions, though his madness kept them safe from many adventurers, before the Sons came.

His hubris would lead to his downfall, his desire to re-create the great works of Minkai culture led to neglect of both his ancient duties and his minions. Without this hubris, the former Storm General would have detected the presence of a Amatatsu heir much earlier and may have sought me out and killed me in Sandpoint..

Kikonu was slain in battle on the library tower; blinded by Warlug’s ax and betrayed by Zaiobe the harpy, the Sons made short work of him once he could no longer teleport away.

Nindinzego, the Bastard of Brinewall

bastard_of_brinewall.jpg Nindinzego was the twisted creation of the demon lord Pazuzu, bred with of a line of ancient abominations created to fight an elven kingdom. Though Nindinzego knew nothing of his parentage, it was an oppressive creature that schemed and obeyed the visions it received from his absentee father in disguise. He did what he could to strengthen ties with Kikonu and further the Storm General’s goals.

What importance this fiend has to my family’s legacy is unclear to me, even now. For so many servants of Pazuzu to be present could be a coincidence, but I doubt it. With all the other enemies we’re sure to encounter on our quest to Minkai, what’s one more?

Ameiko's Tales of the Fallen

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