Johnny “Courage” Winchester

merikel.jpgMerikel is a silvered bastard sword, named for the solar who once carried it. The blade retains a commanding aura of goodness and might, but aspects of the weapon’s appearance can only be described as disturbing. The guard is blackened, as if by an intense fire. The pommel and guard is studded with cruel bards wholly out of place on such a hallowed weapon. The blade itself has writing that begins in Celestial at the guard, but which slowly shifts into Infernal midway to “the business end”.

Merikel, the solar, was one of the most potent and favored in service to Torm. He stood at the god’s right hand, carrying out The Loyal Fury’s will and defending the faithful against the depredations of Bane and his followers. Merikel’s influence was so great that many of Torm’s worshipers prayed not directly to Torm, but to Merikel. This worship, along with the careful words of dubious advisers, lead Merikel to claim godhood for himself and challenge Torm for control of his domains and followers. Merikel was indeed a powerful solar and a force to be reckoned with, but Torm defeated him: With great sadness, Torm cast Merikel into the Nine Hells. Merikel’s sword was separated from him as he fell, and came to rest on the Material Plane.

Merikel’s sword, with his name engraved in Celestial on the blade, fell to the Prime Material in a state that was still pure and holy, despite the recent actions of its owner. A paladin named Hinsa discovered it and carried the blade for many years, vanquishing many foes with it. Over time, however, Hinsa noticed a darkness rotting the core of goodness within Merikel. Powers of the sword, which were once benign and helpful, became dark. Merikel was tainted with unholy magic, its powers searing the soul and crushing hope. Hinsa did everything she could to restore Merikel’s purity, but was unable to eradicate the darkness within the weapon. With a heavy heart, she cast the blade into the deepest depths of the Sea of Fallen Stars, praying that Torm would guide the weapon to a worthier hand.

Johnny may perform the first legacy Ritual: Pious Redemption, or Down the Dark Path: I consider your efforts to redeem Baron Stephan of Karpad as sufficient for the Pious Redemption. Alternatively, you may perform a wicked act, such as deliberately breaking a promise made in good faith or convincing a good cleric to abandon their faith. Either requires a sacrifice of 2,500 gp to acquire religious totems, rare oils, and other ritualistic items. Upon sacrificing the gp and taking the Least Legacy feat, you will unlock the powers of Merikel for 5th to 10th level.

Omen: A sense of clarity and purpose fills you whenever you wield the sword. Whether you act selflessly or let pride overwhelm you, you know that you are going to be involved in storied events when you grip the hilt.

Inherent: +1 Bastard Sword that counts as good (or evil, if you later taint the weaponi) aligned for the purpose of overcoming damage resistence.

5th Touch of Grace: Gain 3/day use of Cure as a first level spell slot.

6th: Lose 4 hp.

7th Divine Countenance: While Merikel is in your possession, your Charisma score becomes 19.

8th Torm’s Blessing: Once per encounter, take disadvantage on a saving throw of DM’s choice. Merikel becomes the center of a constant bless spell.

9th: Once per encounter, take disadvantage on an attack roll of DM’s choice. Lose 2 hp.

10th: Merikel becomes a +2 bastard sword.


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